Monday, January 18, 2010

Week one down...

Deut. 1:9 And I spake unto you at that time, saying, I am not able to bear you myself alone:

Week one down and 4 more to go!

Well we’ve gotten week one under our belts at f2k. It never ceases to amaze me at the amount of people who don’t listen to rules and guidelines. They come into class and one person wrote a 1700 word piece for lesson one.

We emphasize and emphasize a 500 word count but still they act like the rebellious child and post what they want. I’m wondering how they will do in week two? Or how they will do during submission time.

I usually give leeway in week one, because they are just new, anxious, want-to-write, writers. So I allow it and think they are cute and go on to our week two. This week I think I’ll threaten them with being ousted if they don’t adhere to the rules. Just kidding folks, I’m a little more professional than that.

I just wish that the new writer, (and keep in mind a lot of them appear to have degrees and are coming back into writing,) would show a little respect to the course and follow the guidelines. Is it that hard?

We have much smaller class sizes this time. I’m used to the first week being so full of running here and there, but this week has been laid back and I’m not as active. I want to run the halls but I think sometimes over exposure to too many mentors may scare a few kids back into the corner. I’m not there to scare, just help aid a writer in learning.

I’m sticking to my room and playing nice. This should make some people very happy.

Okay, I’m going to get to work. Writing is fun and exciting but you know what? There is a real world that is calling me out here! Time is NOT on my side!

Bye for now...see you in the morning...hopefully


June said...

Joni! Sticking to your own room! WOW! How did this happen? All the mentors will wonder where's Joni? Is something going on? Why isn't she coming around to visit?

Not following the rules? Where's your whips?


We'll see how the second lesson goes....

Take care,

joni said...

When Joni wanders too much, Joni loses sight of things that she needs to be doing for HERSELF!

Cleaning out the monsters and wandering is a monster I need to just free! I'll visit you of course, but, Joni has got to have her priorities straight. Right? Write! :-)(maybe if they visit my blog, they'll KNOW I'm writing and taking care of ME for a change) :-)

Thanks June!

Ana said...

It is good to take care of oneself and look after one's life.When I couldn't get access to the site, I realized and asked myself what my priorities were.Yes,writing for F2K is one and a very important one but there are others or there are other sites as well.

I feel I have to work harder for my writing and teaching so I understand you.

Moreover, my poetry has been put aside.I need to read more.

Best wishes,


joni said...

Hey Ana!
We all have to work hard to understand or else life would be no fun. If you're working harder then that means I'm doing my job and that is guiding you. :-)

Another site??? :-O Oh my. lol When you can't get to WVU or f2k that is the time to take that book in your hand and read, then come to the computer to write.

You have a good day venturing around the boards! And thanks for visiting!