Tuesday, January 12, 2010


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It is the Lord who made us each in our own unique way. Your writing is His creation that YOU put into action. ~joni

Often I read works from people and think, “Well that sounds like________.” Put in any writer you can imagine. Then I think, “Are they not original or creative enough to make their own mark in the writing world.”

As many of my reader well know, that I love poetry. I’ve never heard anyone comment, “Well that reads just like so and so.” That’s a good sign. That means my poetry is being read and it is coming off as original with it’s own flair. In other words, I’ve found my style within the written word.

It is so important to find your own voice in writing. Do you want to be compared to King or Koontz or Rowling? Well okay maybe it would be a compliment to be compared to them but then are you being liked because of your originality or because you mimicked someone else’s writing?

I write some dark poetry. Only when I use the word, nevermore, does someone say, “Boy, that had a Poe quality to it!” Poe? AWESOME! It has a Poe quality, meaning it was pretty good! But they didn’t say that it sounded like Poe’s style, also good, for me anyway because I never mimic another writer, I’m original in my own right.

When I see someone mimic/copy ME, in some ways I’m honored but then I almost feel sad that they can’t be original enough to create their own style or voice. Now taking my words is downright plagiarism, but writing in my style? That is theft! In a way I’m kidding but in another I’m dead serious. Serious as a playoff game when it comes down to the final seconds and there is a tie!

I want to be known in the writing world as original. My blog posts come to me, I don’t seek them out. One word can trigger an entire blog post. Imagine that. One word can also trigger a story. A picture, a tree, a dead shoe, they all have possibilities of becoming a short story, a poem or heck, even a novel! Can you see a dead shoe (as opposed to a living shoe, with a breathing entity carrying it along) having the weight on its shoulders of an entire story?

In my unique way of writing, I more than likely could make an original story out of a branch and it not turn out too bad. Are you original in what you write? Can you give life to a fig and allow it to carry a story all on its own entrenched in poetic, graphic,visual, biting words?

Why not give it a try and you too can become, an original! Be what you were made to be.

Write Right! (that's mine!)

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Stormcrow said...

You make some good points here.