Tuesday, January 05, 2010

F2K Free Writing Course is under way

Psalm 51:12 Restore unto me the joy of thy salvation; and uphold me with thy free spirit.

Yes you read it right, the f2k Free Writing course is getting under way and it is a little too late to sign up for it now. But don’t worry, I’ll keep you posted on what we’re learning and how the mentoring aspect of it goes along.

This will be about my fourth time mentoring and each and every time it gets more exciting. I meet some of the nicest people. I always keep my eye out for the newcomers as they seem like they get a little jilted by the fun camaraderie that the old timers have.

We become like a family of writer’s who meet up every f2k and the newbies don’t fully participate all the time because they feel overwhelmed by the writer’s. But allow me to tell you this, a new writer is just as much a writer as any of us are!

I also see a lot of the newbs who come in wanting to post their website even after I strictly state that that kind of amateurish behavior is frowned upon. We have a profile section where we all can post our websites or blogs, but to sit there and place a blog/site in every daggone post that a person responds to is not only annoying, it is frustrating and slightly childish.

Then I get on my childish kick by not responding to anything that that person has to say and I let them know why! So they’re not all professionals but they want to be and this writing course is a good place to learn and understand the craft and the professional quality of work that is expected from us as writer’s.

I, by no means, am an elite professional but I would only steer a new writer in the right direction! This is the whole reason that this blog got started to begin with was so I could guide some new writer’s. We all need to learn the craft and I thought, if I can do it under 500 words a post, then more power to me!

So allow me to be the first to tell you, the f2k course is a stand alone course all on its own! You’ll walk away with knowledge and a feel of ownership that you took the bull by the horn and hunkered down to learn a craft. You might even pat yourself on the back in seven weeks when you’ve written your first short story or novel!

Well I hope that some of you joined up when you saw my post offering the course, but if not, I’ll give you a sneak peek, birds-eye-view and you can judge for yourself, then maybe you WILL sign up, next time it is offered.


Ro said...

I'll definitely hit the next one. I'm glad I didn't do this one since I've got so much preparing to do, so that was good foresight on my part lol. Have fun!!

joni said...

Next time maybe you'll have your dog with you by your feet! :-)

I'll let you all know how this one goes for sure. There is never a dull moment! lol

June said...

I'm mentoring also, Joni! See you in the halls of F2K...

Best wishes,

Anonymous said...
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joni said...

Sorry Raymon Losey, I only speak English and don't appreciate spam on my blog. But thanks for feeling like my blog was worthy of spamming.