Sunday, January 17, 2010

Poetry Sunday ~ Lost

Job 21: 3 Suffer me that I may speak; and after that I have spoken, mock on.

 All rights reserved: copyright © Joni Zipp

I feel like I am a rock
sticking out of the sand.
A tired misplaced object
in a foreign land.

I feel like I'm a cactus
on the wetlands shore.
Lost amid the foliage,
of things gone on before.

I feel I am an empty limb
no digits to complete.
No hand to touch, the arm to reach,
Two legs without my feet.

I feel I am dark matter
In the blazing sun-dripped sky.
A bird flung high into a cloud,
No wings for me to fly.

I feel as though I'm a snow- white dove,
Flocked amid the geese.
I see them fly north and south,
Whereas I just seek peace.

Make me feel like I'm a song,
a rhythm to your beat.
Hold me in your wandering thoughts.
Where truth and love can meet.
All rights reserved: copyright © Joni Zipp


Stormcrow said...

Hey, I liked that.

June said...

Beautiful, Joni! And sad also. You've captured the emotion with vivid images.

Take care,

Raven said...

Yes, lovely images! Thanks for the beautiful poem. I'm sad tonite. Trojan virus took out my puter. I'm trying to save what I can, but it's a vicious thing and has gone straight for my vital files. I may have lost one of my email addresses too. Argh.

Please send some hopeful thoughts my way!


joni said...

Thanks Master Stormcrow, I like it too. ;-)

Thanks June, Sometimes ya just feel out of place and I just have to express the way I feel. I'm a writer! :-)

WOW! At least you made it here! :-) Sending all positive thoughts so that you can retrieve anything that you've lost!

:-D Joni :-D

Ana said...

I found this poem very beautiful with a lot of insight and emotion!

Yes, truth and love can MEET.
Yes,I do feel you are like a song because you write so beautifully that you are MUSIC to my ears.


joni said...

Well thank you Ana!
I try to keep a rhythm in everyone's heart as they read my poetry and I think that's what makes poetry so heartwarming and fulfilling is when a person reads and FEELS. :-)

Thanks for visiting and welcome back! :-)