Thursday, January 28, 2010


Due to an over abundance of people trying to post SPAM on my blog, I am now relinquished to setting the comment moderation to APPROVE first.

Sorry to all you losers who think this is a forum for you to sell drugs and sex and anything else.

Sorry to my readers who might not see their comment right away. I will approve you all most definitely!

Thank you for all of your support!!!

Any problems in posting a comment? Let me know! I'm here!

Joni~ Writer/author/respectable person


Stormcrow said...

Yeah, that'll teach 'em!

Ro said...

Idiots everywhere. I can tell you that I've never had a spam come through my email. I'm pretty sure they don't bother when comment moderation is set. So now they can't get your blood boiling *smile*

Jerks jerks jerkity jerks hehehe!

joni said...

It's as if they took advantage of me being a nice person!
Daggone it!
A slap in the face! I'm too nice Joni! Wake up and smell the coffee! lol lol