Monday, January 11, 2010

Editor Etiquette?

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I remember early in my writing career I looked at publishers. A pretty hard knock on the door if I do say so myself. So I looked at editors. Did you know there are people who will take your money, tell you to fix your work, take more money, needs more work. You see the cycle here?

I was told you should never shell out money. If your work is good, should you have to pay someone to say it is good, or give them money and they will help you make it good? I’m sorry but something is wrong with that scenario.

Keep in mind that there are editing services out there that are legitimate. When you have a completed manuscript, you’ve revised it ten times and are ready to submit but you feel you need another eye to look at it, a professional eye that will pinpoint any kinks that are missing in the story.. This is when the editing services come into play.

Be ready to shell out money, but the benefits of an editor are when they read it and like it, they will suggest places to send your work, will help you get your foot in the door, stand behind you 100%. Remember they will only take you on if they feel you are worth it. They are more than likely with a publishing house, and often will either accept or reject your submission. Your story has to be good for them to even bother.

Some will take your money. There are so many scammers out there so you need to be sure you do your research of the place, person, credentials, etcetera before forking over one dollar.

In the writer’s world, I find it tacky to say, “My editor said this, or my editor said that.” Now when you say a friend said this, or a friend said that, it comes off as banter and not boasting. When in a writing group, of published authors, editors and the like, to me (notice I said to me because we all as individuals have preferences) tossing out my editor said this and that is undermining the board of trusted peers.

When you are published, be proud and let it soar where it may. But boast over and over again? As a writer, you need your ego in check because one day my friend, there will be someone to knock that ego through the roof. Patience as a writer, is your best friend. Respect for other writers is a MUST!

Here is an interesting question I felt compelled to share. “How do I find an Editor’s name for submission?” The answer is at Fiction Notes. Nowhere does it say brag your heart out once you connect!

Write Right people, and whatever you do, be original!

I must add that here is a link for an AWESOME writing coach!


Stormcrow said...

Good advice!

June said...

You're given writers great advice, Joni! The link about finding the name of an editor leads to a wonderful resource.

Putting on my editor's hat for a moment: Vaniety publishers will and do take money from writers with the promise to publish. Avoid these at all costs.

Editoral services charge writers to help the author improve the writing and the story. There is no promise that you will be published. The focus is solely on the manuscript and improving it.

Thanks so much, Joni, for the plug for my coaching. I hope people will give it a look and feel free to contact me for a free sample coaching session, so they can see the magic of coaching. :)

I love helping other writers almost as I do writing itself...

Take care, my friend!


joni said...

THanks Stormcrow!

And June,
Those vanity presses are what hurt a lot of people because in their desperation people go to these folk, get burnt, and give up all together on writing.
As for Editorial Services, I think I'll stick with the numerous eyes at Writer's Village, to read my work. I have come a long way with their crits and feedback and it more than likely will get me further than an E.S. :-) And look at the money I save! lol

I'm going to take you up on the Free Session soon. Because now you got me wanting to blog about the Coaching process! :-)

Thanks for being who you are !!!