Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Angst in Writing

Romans 8:22 For we know that the whole creation groaneth and travaileth in pain together until now.

Often times while I’m writing non-fiction, the true me surfaces. I try to write fiction but even there my characters take on my pain. It is through their windows that I peek in and let out emotional turmoil and make angst theirs instead of mine.

Writing is a healing tool; has been all of my life. Whenever I was feeling down I could always count on my pen to guide me into a poem of healing, or a story to help in the healing of others.

I never had a computer up until about seven years ago so I had to have a really good ball-point pen and many notebooks. I had a sketch pad too where I could sketch out my pain in way of a tear, or a tree, but it was my trusty pen and notebook that got me through many days and nights of sadness.

As I sit here now, with the keyboard keys tapping I realize that writing will never stop being a healing tool. I watch as my beau writes, after he has gone blind, and I do believe that this has been his healing tool also. The Drums in the Deep, is his outlet for the turmoil he goes through and as I watch and read his words I realize even more, that writing is an all powerful healing method that not only writers use, but that all should use to help in healing the pain or hurt that lurks within the sheltered walls of, you.

Many of my followers are not writers, but for some reason they are drawn to wanting to learn to write. I’m here to tell you that you don’t need to be a writer to sit down and let it out. Write your heart out and release it to the world. Even if it doesn’t get released to the world, read what you’ve written and find a place of healing in your heart that you know you’ve come to overcome.

I have a friend who went to a psychiatrist, the first thing the doctor told her was to get a pen and notebook and write it down. Write a letter to your mother/brother/sister/friend, anyone who’s hurt you. “Don’t mail the letter, just release what is in your heart,” the doctor said.

Even the psychiatrists and psychologists of the world know what I’ve known all my life without a P.H.d, writing is a medicine that is empowering, addictive, and not a drug! Drugs are used to ‘hide’ and ‘shield’ pains of the emotional kind, writing is a medicinal healer that you don’t need a doctor to prescribe.

In my writing days, I release what ails me. I don’t sit, fret, and wonder, I release it and it makes me feel good enough to take on the world and new characters. It makes me a better writer, and it makes me a better person as a whole because no longer is my soul seeking...I’ve found all that I’m looking for and I have the tales to prove it.

Write and heal...that is my motto for the day.

and a big P.S. here: I’m not advocating that you shouldn’t use meds when and if they are needed, I’m just suggesting an addition/alternative for you to look into.

Thanks and godspeed friends...


Stormcrow said...

I couldn't agree more. Writing is a great way to sort out your feelings about things, even for those of us who don't care about being writers.

joni said...

You Master Stormcrow, may not care about being a writer, but as author of The Drums in the Deep, Reviews in the Deep, and published writer, you honey, ARE a writer! :-)

June said...

Great thoughts, Joni.

Journaling has so many positive points. (Some people call it by many other names...)

I have friends who don't call themselves "writers" but they do journal.

By the simpliest definition a writer is "one who writes." I guess it's up to us to give ourselves the name...

Well done, Joni!

Take care,