Thursday, January 07, 2010

First day at f2k

“ are yet a blossom on the vine of life about to bloom!" ~joni

Day 1 of f2k

Well my friends, day 1 of f2k went off and as usual we had our glitches to fix, people wandering around lost and people picking them up and finding them. All in all it was a good day.

Our first week is Orientation week, where everyone gets to know one another, people click links and find their way around, bump into walls and either make new friends or find old nemesis, or just find old friends who went on their way since the last f2k.

It is all the things a good book are made up of. Maybe I should do a book, about an online course, where the people learn, grow and fulfill their destiny of becoming a writer, but on the dark side as the story builds... well I’m not going to tell you the story! It would be fiction based mind you so I could put a little evil spin on it. OR I could make it fact based and give some of the proceeds BACK to WVU, where it all began!

I myself have to get my feet back into writing regularly. Not just my blog but writing! I was loving the short story and I have a novel under my belt and one in the works. But lately my writing has been back burner while I take care of matters on the home front.

I mean, seriously, I just had my address changed on my license and I’ve lived here nine months already. Well funds had a lot to do with it as something always came up that was more important than my license, ya know?

But here I am back mentoring f2k and sinking my feet in all the way this time. Last time I got sidetracked and a little discouraged. My mind was clouded and surely didn’t perform my best as I like to give the students. So we’ll see what this year and this session has in store.

On to writing my friends...


Stormcrow said...

Good luck this year babe! Now FOCUS!

joni said...

:-) It won't be luck, but fate, destiny,karma, you name it! :-)

Thanks honey, your support means EVERYTHING!

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

joni said...

Thanks Ano!

I've grown in my writing over the past few years so obviously it is going to show on my blog. :-) And recently my blog is where all my creativity lies. :-)

Thanks for visiting and please, come again! You're welcome!

June said...

You're right, Joni. Even as we take care of those around us, including those wandering F2K students, we have to take care of US.

Go write something! Work on that short story or maybe start a new project.

I'm off to do my daily fiction writing. I deserve the time to do this.

So do YOU.

And I'm having a ball watching over my group in F2K.

Best wishes!