Friday, December 09, 2011

Put off until tomorrow...

Deut. 28:2 And all these blessings shall come on thee, and overtake thee, if thou shalt hearken unto the voice of the LORD thy God.

 ...what you want to get done today. Yesterdays words of wisdom were from my mother. “It could be worse.” Remember I told you she tells me that all the time? Well last night while telling her of my ailment in my back, she said, “Well put off until tomorrow, what you want to get done today.” I scratched my head and started laughing, because my mother means well and since her stroke six years ago, things don’t wrap around her brain right.

But it got us both laughing, and at this point I need it, really need it. The tricky part is, how am I going to relate that to writing?

Okay, here goes. I tell all the students in the writing courses to NEVER put off writing. I tell them it is essential to get what is on your mind, onto paper and write, write, write. You can’t stop and edit, you have to keep writing or the muse will be gone in a puff of smoke. It’ll be airborne and fizzle out and the next day when you try to recapture it, it’ll be gone!

So don’t take my mothers advice unless you’ve overworked your body into a ripe old age whilst still young, and need to give it a rest! Her words are for us only to rest when you have a God slap moment, and He says, it is time to rest.

As you sit at your computer for hours upon hours, you are whittling your bodies spinal cord. Always remember to leave that place that you find so much enjoyment in and remember to walk around, exercise those legs, move that body. Some bodies have overworked all their lives and when sitting at the computer, it has become a disease that will eat and nibble on parts you never worried about because the computer kept you blind to the inner infestation. DON’T put off until tomorrow, what needs to be done TODAY!

I’m going to wrap up this week with the blessings of this year. Just to name a few.

1. My faith ~ My faith is a blessing because as troubled waters wash over me, it is my faith, that keeps me grounded.
2. My Church ~ It is through my church that I see the people as lit candles in a darkened world.
3. Sight ~ Taken for granted, people go on every day amusing themselves; they survive on the me factor, and when something is taken away, THEN they take notice. SIGHT is a blessing, cherish it.
4. My writing ~ I am blessed with my writing. If it was not in me to write, surely I would not be alive.
5. Snow ~ Although I don’t like driving in it, it is a beautiful layered purity that melts my heart and cleanses my spirit.

Thank you Mrs. Sue and Mrs. Carol for being a true friend and giving me hope in each new day I’m allowed.

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benning said...

Five excellent blessings! Nicely done, Joni! BLESSINGS! :D