Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Branch~ Poetry Sunday

The Branch

I crawl out on the lonely branch,
that can't sustain my weight.
I try to creep so still in thought,
reflecting on my fate.

Up on top this tree so tall,
I find a quiet place.
Still are sounds that whistle through,
the leaves a patient pace.

What is this that breaks my thought,
I’m not alone any more?
The presence is surrounding me;
it haunts my very core.

No longer alone, my thirst is quenched,
my essence fed by might.
Surrounded by the stillness of,
the Radiant Branch of Light.

As I close out my year, I want you all to feel the Branch of Light shining into your lives. As we go out of this year and ring in a new one may you carry that Light throughout your journey!

My Christmas was wrought with blessings, as I didn’t think for a moment it would be otherwise. My son had a glorious day as well as Steven and I.

My 30 days of touching people will carry into 365 more days of touching others. It will never cease to stop. Today I heard testimonials of how everyone touched someone and whether they bought someone a cup of coffee, or treated someone who had no money, with money. My testimony is that it isn’t about money.

I liken myself to the Little Drummer Boy, “I have no gifts to give pah rum pah pum pum.” But what I did give was my heart and soul. Whether it was holding the door for someone, letting someone go in front of me, saying the words God Bless you to a stranger, or taking the message to a person in need. I gave what I had; the very light that shines forth from me, I shared!

Remember, the Little Drummer Boy had but a drum. What do YOU have to give?

Happy New Year!

And God Bless each and every one of my readers!


Donna Sundblad said...

Hi Joni,

I had to stop by to say you've touched my life many times this year and I thank you for it.


joni said...

Aww Thank you kindly ma'am!

I haven't forgotten you, I've just been... a little preoccupied with life. (okay alot preoccupied) lol

Thanks for stopping by. It is always great to hear/see/read from familiar faces. :-)

Be well and God Bless,


June said...

May you have a Blessed New Year, Joni!

I'm blessed to call you "friend" for all your encouragement and support. :)

Take care,

joni said...

Thanks June!
My favorite fan just had to visit BEFORE the New Year begins! :-)


You're not so bad on the inspiration either, young lady! :-)

Keep being you. It's who I love the best!


Anonymous said...

Hi Joni,

You'll never know how many people you've touched. Thank you for your lovely poetry. I really enjoy reading it.