Saturday, December 20, 2008

War of the Worlds!

By now you have all read my current struggles and the blessings that have come along with it. I’m here to tell you more. You know I’ve been to the welfare offices, the Assistance for the Blind, Christian Community in Action (CCA for short) and you should know by reading my previous posts, nothing came easy.

It is a week before Christmas and I held onto my faith knowing that God was going to give me Christmas blessings. Satan on every avenue tries to bring me down, but I’m a here as a testament of the Reigning King of Kings prevailing!

CCA is a community outreach program that helps the needy. When I went to them for food, I was told that I wasn’t ‘on their list’. Imagine being turned away at a food bank! Trudging back to the main office to ask WHY we weren’t on the list, we found that the ‘worker’ had made a mistake. We had our voucher and were placed on the list. The following week we didn’t need them any more because God saw to it that blessings of food were abundant for me.

CCA sent me a voucher for the Christmas toys a few weeks ago and the date was Thursday the 18th. Imagine my shock when a week before Christmas I had very little for my son’s Christmas and to be told, “You’re not on the list.” I had my card that they sent me with my name on it and after twenty minutes of watching a woman run back and forth to see why I wasn’t on the list, she came back with the “O.k. let her through.”

I was allowed $75 dollars. (Supposed to be $100, but I was definitely not complaining! Give me SOMEthing and I’ll be on my way.) I had received $60 for mentoring a writing course and believe me it helped immensely! I purchased SEVEN games for my sons Gamecube system! SEVEN! But I didn’t get him that ONE toy that he REALLY wanted.

You know how us parents are, we need to see our kid light up because of that one special toy that we get them. In my son’s case, he wanted a $20 Bakugan. A six-piece set that we had seen at Walmart but I couldn’t afford. When I got my $60, that is the first thing I sought out! Walmart was OUT. “Oh well,” I said to myself, “he’ll be happy with games.”

At the CCA I looked and looked at the toys. I saw a Bionicle, Lego star wars things and there it was after scanning the aisles twice and not seeing it, I came back and heard a voice, “This is for Adam.” Chills ran up my spine as I looked; lo and behold, the Bakugan six piece set!!! Talk about amazing! Needless to say the tears were ever present during this visit.

I walked out with an entire Christmas for my son! He will be the happiest kid on the block, and most appreciative because he knows what we’re going through. I then went to a thrift store, everything in the store was either .97 or $1.97. Wow! I struck gold! Me in a thrift store is like a kid in a candy factory!

I can spend hours and hours in Kohl’s or JCPenny’s and walk out with nothing in my hands, but take me in a thrift store, you’d think I won a million bucks! I spent twenty bucks and guess what? Joni is going to have a wonderful Christmas! I found for me a 21st Century, Webster’s International Encyclopedia 10 volume set! For $1.97! WOW! Joni the reader is happy! And Joni the Writer is gloriously happy!

I even bought a basket for my neighbor. I’m filling it with fruit and giving it to her and her two kids. (That’s another story) WHEW! I’m blessed!

Did you hear me? I’M BLESSED! :::shouting from the rooftops:::

This Christmas could just possibly turn out to be the most richly rewarding Christmas that I’ll ever have. Not because of gifts, but because of BLESSINGS! I know so many people are struggling right now and if they only held out the hope and belief in miracles, they would receive the blessings to make all their NEEDS be fulfilled! (Notice I said NEEDS not wants?)

My son, Adam Omega, who turns thirteen on December 27 will have a glorious Christmas AND birthday!



June said...

WOW! Thanks for sharing, Joni. You are blessed! And continued blessing your way. . .

Merry Christmas!


Granny said...

You deserve every blessing you recieve in return for all the blessing you so willingly give.


You are one of kind!