Friday, December 12, 2008


As all of my blog fans know by now, I’m a positive person. Not only do I look for the positive in everyone and everything I like to share the positive things with everyone in hopes that they believe in the power of positive thinking and it helps them in some way.

You also know that I’ve found a new church with a totally AWESOME pastor who is charming, delightful, spontaneous, wonderfully powerful, always a smile on his face, and always seen with a positive outlook on life. (And his son, also a minister of our new Church, is pretty cool too.) *Just in case he reads this by some small chance.

We’re doing this thing called ‘30 days, 30 people’ where thirty people raise their hands to volunteer to bless AT LEAST one person in thirty days. As you can imagine I jumped at the chance because I’m always sharing a blessing with someone along my way. Bless one person? I thought. I’ll do better than that, I’ll bless thirty people by the end of thirty days for sure!

My son told me, “That’ll be easy for you mom, you bless everybody all the time, and not just when they sneeze.” It is so cool knowing I have that positive impact on my son.

My first blessing/sharing came in the way of a young girl at the welfare office. I am not a frequent flyer of the office myself so I don’t know much about it, but I found out that you need to take a number as soon as you walk into the place and you are called by numbers.

We stood for four hours the first time, only to have the ‘worker’ call us by name, not number. The young girl was six months pregnant, shy and timid, and maybe twenty years old if she was lucky. Young and alone. First we stood next to each other when she couldn’t stand much longer she took a seat, I too needed a seat so we three (my son, Steven and myself) all found a seat as the crowd thinned out.

I gave her my number. She looked shocked because by giving her my number it was placing her hours and hours ahead of being called upon. After my name was called and we were heading out the door, she whispered, “Thank you.” I replied, “God Bless you!”

She looked like she needed to hear that. Not only in a time of loneliness but a time where everyone is out for themselves, I put someone else before me. What is also amazing is that people open up to you after you bless them.

It is my nature!

The next time we went I immediately grabbed a number. This time a young couple with a baby came in and sat next to us. We had been there for three hours and they were there about an hour. I gave the father my number when the mother had stepped outside. (It can get very crowded in that place.) I saw that the number was next to be called. I went outside and waved to her to come inside because she was up next.

She said, “My number is twenty away from being called.” In welfare numbers twenty away means another four hours. I told her, “I gave you my number. God Bless you today and always.” We went back into the office and sure enough she was called. Her jaw sat opened and she was in awe. “We’re not from here, and this is our first time to the office. We sat here five hours yesterday when we finally had to leave.” She said. “Thank you so much. Thank you.” I think she said it five more times before she left and her husband smiled and said it too, and the baby, well the little guy just smiled like he already knew that he was blessed.

Do you realize that every time that you bless someone it comes back to you in a positive way? We, as a family, continue to be blessed and I feel in my heart it is because when I give freely of myself, my time, my everything that I am being blessed without even knowing it.

If everyone knew this secret to happiness what kind of world would this be? Can you imagine everyone blessing everyone? Sacrificing little pieces of themselves for someone else’s happiness? Taking a positive, giving a positive and getting a positive returned? Wow! I’ve struck gold! I’m rich beyond belief.

Do I sit on a mound of money, possessing all the material things that life has to offer? No, I don’t want that. I just need enough to keep food on my plate, a roof over my head, and my inner circle surrounded in LOVE! I HAVE THAT! AND MORE!!! God is my gold, supplying all that I need.

To you, my friends, I give my blessing, number umpteen hundred of the year!

God Bless you Friends! One and all!

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Granny said...

Thank you joni, I needed that. What a wonderful idea. We get in such a hurry and often forget it's the little things you can do for others that can be such an impact on them. And each time it is a testimony that Jesus cares!

Thanks for sharing the love!