Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Day the Earth

It’s kind of an amazing tale. You see, when the Pastor of our old church led me to have doubts in my own faith, God just happened to have another church waiting in the wings to lift me up. The New Church, visits our apartment complex every other week. My son is known and liked by all of the adults running the program including the Pastor. They have games and prizes and they also minister the word of God.

My son was bored at our old church, and my fiance went to ‘support’ me in my need to feel God closer to me, instead of just sitting in my room reading the Bible. This New Church had a Halloween party for the kids that I gladly took my son to, so he wouldn’t be running the streets begging for candy. They had games and prizes and I myself even enjoyed playing the games and tossing a wet sponge at the Pastor’s face. Yeah, he was an active participant in the games.

Halloween was on a Friday, and that very Sunday we decided to attend the New Church. I never once told them of our situation, but somehow they sensed our need to be filled with the Spirit. The next day, my fiance found out that he was approved his social security disability. As his blindness creeps closer to total blindness we are being blessed in numerous ways.

When two weeks of non-attendance at our ‘old’ church arrived, the pastor finally called and asked if we were okay? I tried so hard to tell him that we weren’t, something had been draining my faith and hope. I told him that we were attending a New Church and it was being replenished. The Blood of Christ was pouring through my veins and hope and faith were swiftly returning just by attending TWO weeks at the New Church.

His silence said a mouthful. He was disappointed that we were attending a different church when the way he sees it is that his church tried to help in every way they could. I told him how happy my son was sitting through a two- hour sermon! HAPPY! Imagine YOUR kid sitting there tapping his feet to the music, listening to the sermon and leaving the service asking if we could go back.

The pastor, maybe unintentionally, was trying to drain my hope and faith again. He said, “It sounds like you’re letting your son make the decision for you, where you attend church. So often I have seen that backfire.”

After I closed my gaping mouth. I replied, “It’s a family decision. We need to be filled with the love of God. We need to feel His power and we NEED His Blessings to rain down on us. We may visit your church once again but right now during this hard and difficult road we’re traveling, we need to be lifted up in His Spirit.”

I hung up the phone after he told me that his church was my church too and that they hoped for my families retur; we said our good-byes.

My eyes unleashed a rupture of tears. They streamed down my cheek in a fluid stream. I clenched my stomach as I felt I had done something terribly wrong. My heart ached for the first time in two weeks. The one man I trusted to instill faith, was robbing me of all of this recent return of joy.

A friend told me, “The Minister was wrong in his response. He should have been delighted that you were looking out for your son’s happiness.” My friend also told me that he felt I did the right thing. Comfort from a dear friend in my time of need, even though he sits what seems like a million miles away.

The New Church was the right decision for my family! I feel like God was looking out for me way back in September. That He knew the old church was draining my strong faith. Not only do I have faith in God, but He has faith in me too!

Many blessings continue to flourish before me and if I keep them all to myself then I’m not sharing how great He can be!

to be continued…


Granny said...

I believe God leads us to the place of worship he wants us to be. We do not need to know His reason, just that He has called us there.

There are many wolfs in sheep's clothing, do not doubt God's guidance.

Thank you for sharing.
Your friend in Christ,

benning said...

I think too many Ministers forget that the building is simply a place for the Faithful to gather together to Worship. It is not the Minister's personal palace. If a congregant no longer feels His presence there, then perhaps the Minister needs to recognize his own failing.

To ask you to remain there is one thing, to not wish you the absolute best at your new place of Worship is evidence of his failing.

I'll give him this, though, at least he did call!

Go where you hear His voice, feel His presence, see His fruits. And be joyful!

joni said...

Geez, now I'm tearing up again!
I need this kind of support and you guys are the BESTEST!

I've also recieved an email from a friend in the U as he supports me too during this time. What a GREAT wolf! ;-)

I could tell my 'old' pastor was lacking Faith, the minute he told us "We would be denied S.S.!"

I had FAITH that we'd get it, and WE DID!

I just pray for him, that's all I can do.

Thank you for your continued support! :-)

I love you guys you know it!


Dayana said...


very touching story:) Thank you as always for sharing.

I wanted to share as well.

Congratulations! Your blog has been nominated as a Kreativ Blogger winner. Please visit for more information.


joni said...

Woohoo Dayana!!

MORE blessings!

I'm thrilled!

Thank you so much for your support!

Joni (who is extremely HAPPY!)