Monday, December 22, 2008

Thank You and God Bless

Three days left before the big day.

During this trying time in my life, I have been led down a crazy winding path. I have come out smiling with every twist and turn in the road. It’s not easy being over a thousand miles away from my family, especially during the Holiday’s, but I have found that my friends are just as important, even though I have not seen any of their faces before in person.

I know who my friends are as they’ve stood with me and endured my heartache. I’ve made new friends along the way that seem like a blessing from God. I’d like to thank Jason for visiting my blog and being a new friend in Christ that I know, maybe, I touch his heart as much as his site has touched mine.

I’d like to thank Benning and Gran because they are ever present in my life and ones who are not afraid to speak up and lend support.

Also I’d like to thank the quiet ones who send me emails telling me that everything will be all right and giving me a shoulder or at least an email to cry into if I want. Thank you Ricky! Thank you June!

And to the ones in the back reading my blog, you know who you are. The ones that are touched, and wishing they could do more but can’t. I thank you for reading. It means you care! It means the world to me.

I THANK THE LORD for calling me to my New Church. It has been a true blessing! One rich with growth and spiritual empowerment! And the new friends that I can see are overwhelmingly spectacular! Thank you, Pastor’s Don and Tim!

My hope is that all of you, my friends and follower's, get a message of Faith and Inspiration from my words. I pray that it leads you to look into your own lives and see where it is that you stand with the very Higher Power that created you. I know we don’t all believe in the same God and it is okay. (I am not here to judge.) Just as long as you know that there is something bigger and greater than this human form and that you worship until you feel moved into action!

Be kind to one person today. Buy a stranger a cup of coffee. Hold the door for the person behind you. Pay for the person behind you in the McDonalds drive-through. Pass along blessings freely! Just tell a person that God loves them and it could be the three words that change their life.

Make giving a way of life for you. Change the world one person at a time, then when YOU get to Heaven tell Him that Joni sent ya! O:-)

Have a Blessed Christmas Holiday. Find beauty in a smile. Treasure the life that you have been given and most of all have HOPE in a new tomorrow!

Godspeed friends!


Moonshooter said...

Thanks, Joni, for being who you are, being where you're at and doing what you're doing. You've inspired me and taught me much, not only about writing...but about life.

In this fast paced world, it's easy to hit the "off switch" when it comes to God and tune Him out. Your writing makes me realize...again...that He doesn't have an 'off switch' where we're concerned. Thanks again for reminding me.

Anonymous said...


The world is a better place with you in it. I hope you always remember that. As a servant of God you will find yourself often confronted by evil. Be strong. Fight hard. And always remember the lives you've touched and the people who rely on you for a bit of good cheer.

Merry Christmas, my friend. Be well. Be happy.


Transparent J said...


Great message of passing on a simple blessing to someone. Looking forward to reading more about your walk in 2009! Maybe you could submit an 'article' to the magazine sometime?

Hope your Christmas was peaceful. Mine was, and one of the best ones I have had. You know what's interesting? I didn't get much this year but got to give. That was VERY cool.

Keep on rocking!
Transparent Christian Magazine

joni said...

It is my pleasure John to give you the ray of light that you need to see Him shining in your life.

He will never have an off switch, unless you yourself turns it off. Even then His hands are still there waiting to give you a big hug! :-)

Thanks for visiting!

Thank you for your kind words. When have you ever known me NOT to be a hard fighter? :-)

Dark matter holds no sway over me, I have a tendency to hurt its eyes with my brilliant light! O:-)

Thanks again!

My dear new friend,
This was the most eye-opening Christmas ever. It was as peaceful as a morning dove perched on a branch. It was still, yet stirring. It was bright with sunshine, yet blanketed in warmth.

And I think you got everything that you needed! Remember, it's the 'presence' that you CAN'T touch that are the most fulfilling!

And giving is most rewarding. Oh what a feeling!

I may take you up on your offer! I admire and respect your magazine!

You're the best.

God Bless, And onward and upward.


Granny said...

You are indeed a light that shines brightly for all to see.
Knowing I can come here when I need a shot of kindness or a good dose of reality is like a life perserver for me.

Write On!