Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Day the Earth Stood Still

“You’re Fired!”

Yup, those were the words that stopped me in my tracks and kept the Earth from moving on its axis. After working with the well-known Parcel Company for seven years, those were the words that Steven heard. On the very day he had an eye Doctor’s appointment no less.

We cancelled the appointment and feared what was going to happen in the way of insurance. Steve, as he’s known to most, is not only totally blind in one eye, the failing cornea transplant in his left eye is causing him almost total blindness; he also suffers with Asthma, skin conditions, and Allergies. Eye infection after eye infection is brutally attacking his eyes.

“We’re going to be hit hard!”


We went to the eye doctor, told her of our dilemma and being the GREAT doctor that she is, she didn’t charge us one cent for the visit, or the next four or five for that matter. The medication for his eye runs $100 dollars and after three months our funds were being depleted by medication. Asthma medication can not be lived without, eyesight cannot go unattended by a practitioner.

As December rolled around we had spent well over $800 dollars in medication in a three-month time. He applied for Medicaid back in October and as expected it was taking forever. Imagine not knowing if you’re going to be given the medication to make your constricting air passages flow freely.


Walking the path of faith, we trudged into December, still wearing my armor as always, I knew things were going to be all right. I had a powerful Church to attend, I had the Lord raining constant blessings on me, why would He quit now?

After receiving news that the Social Security benefits were going to be given, (a miracle remember?) we received info a week ago that Medicaid was going to go through too! WOW! It was listed as activated as of October 1st, when he applied.

Raining Blessings!

Do you know what that meant? That not only will he be able to get his Asthma medication AND his eye medication, we could possibly be reimbursed for the money spent from October 1st on medications! Working with Walmart and CVS pharmacies was not difficult at all. I feel that they have the PATIENTS interest at heart when they do all the endless calling to the State, faxing and communication.

It is like money is drizzling down on us. I feel as though I’ve been caught in a tornado and all of the debris is money swirling around my head. And don’t you worry, what God is giving us, we are giving back to Him in the way of tithing! When you forget about your own situation for a moment, sacrifice that one- dollar, five-dollars, twenty-dollars it comes flying back to you multiplied!

Even when we had nothing we tithed. It is our duty to give back what is given to us. As the blessings fall from the sky, (almost literally! I saw a shooting star last night that would knock your socks off!) I know we don’t give to receive. I’ve given lots of times of myself and never received monetary reward. (Always a blessing though) :-)

Do I do it for monetary reward? Absolutely NOT! I do it because I’m a passionate person who loves life and will continue to give until the very day… the Earth stands still!


benning said...

Excellent news, Joni! GOD bless!


Q said...

So glad, Joni ... you are rewarded for your love and humanity. God bless, and may you and Steve share the joy of Christmas, and the New Year bring you even more bountiful gifts.


Granny said...

May your blessing continue to be many as you are such a blessing yourself.

Prayers for you always,

Anonymous said...

wonderful testimonial, Joni.

I believe tithing is a means of practicing faith. Throughout my life I've always seen the blessings come back increased.