Tuesday, December 07, 2010

The Effects ~ Part II

Becoming an author in order to get rich is like going to the desert in order to become wet.~ J.E. Fishman
Words, they all have an affect. Sometimes when they spew from our mouth, we wished we could just take them back but too late, they’re out and like a missile, have fired in someone’s direction and possibly hit hard or missed the intended target to begin with.

This is why I like writing so much, because often I can take back what I spewed, erase, delete, revise, whatever the case may be, and do a re-write. Writing gives me that freedom and although I don’t always catch a mistake, I often have an extra set of eyes who will read my work and point out, either a typo or something not quite understood.

Writing is an uplifting part of my day where dreams and mysteries collide, word and worlds convene, fiction and reality merge to become either a story or a message that I need to convey to the unsuspecting reader, or the reader who needs to read those words right at the time I say them.

You can’t imagine the affect that writing has had on the world. It seems that the written word has been somehow chiseled into our history since the days of Noah when someone was penning the words of the Bible. Can you imagine, a chisel? Then the pen/feather quill came and more and more words were written and in time writing was having an affect on all peoples from generation to generation.

Before there could ever be a movie made on any subject, before we had cassette players to read for us, before the camera could collect an image for us, we had writing. Writing, to me, shaped the world and began a flow of intelligence that was and never will be stopped, in the mission to make us a more brilliant species.

So as you write your post it notes, send out Christmas cards, pen the all American novel, send love to the ones afar, remember you are writing and as the masters before you, you are going to have an affect on each and every person who reads your words; so make each word count!

A writer is born every second that we breathe, an artist is created and he/she will change the world in one way or another. We all would like to think we have an affect on someone else, but there is no other like the writer that can affect someone more. Long live the writer!


OtienoHongo said...

Nice post!!

joni said...

Thanks Otieno!

Hope you also caught part I. :)

Thanks for visiting!

June said...

Inspiring, Joni - and it should motivate others no matter what type of writing they do in the course of their day.

I'm often curious about what others take away from any writing and how that might affect the reader, but that's the invisible part od being a writer. It's nice to hear from others, and I'm guessing we'll never realize how we might have touched another.

That's what writing is all about - like that ad- reaching out and touching another person...

joni said...

I think that is why I like the blog so much, even when I get no comments, I know someone somewhere is out there reading and being affected by what I write.

That's a pretty good feeling. :)

Thanks for popping in June! :)