Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The History of St. Nick

Isa. 7:14  Therefore the Lord himself shall give you a sign; Behold, a virgin shall conceive, and bear a son, and shall call his name Immanuel.

As you can see, this week has been a themed week. As a writer it is my duty to give to you vital information, whether it is about writing, learning or growing, I bestow knowledge so you can take what I give or leave it behind, either way, you glean an informative lot of info to put in your database of the ‘Knowledge Pool’. And since we are in the throes of the Christmas season, I hand to you the history behind our rituals, traditions and possibly convictions.

Doing some research, I delve into the man, the myth, the legend the lore:

Santa via wiki eyes
History of Santa in America

The Christmas holiday is full of mythical legends, rituals, folklore and tales. First and foremost, Christmas is the celebrated birth of Christ. Second, we have a man, St. Nick, who believed in spreading gifts and good cheer, and third, we have a day where love, peace and joy collide during a season of glory.

The Roman emperor Diocletian commanded all the citizens of the Roman Empire, which included Asia Minor, to worship St. Nicholas as a god. I can not imagine being forced to believe in any one thing, be it a god or man. Free will allows me to believe what I want to believe as long as God the Creator remains front and center as my belief.
Yes, as a child I believed in Santa Claus. I was hurt and dismayed to find that my parents, the ones I trusted most in my life, had lied to me. It was a sad Christmas day when Santa no longer delivered the gifts. But on a high note? My parents cared enough to buy me all those gifts, along with their five other children, and place them neatly under the tree, only to be opened on Christmas morn.
I never lied to my son. I told him the truth from the very first Christmas. While others around me saw it as cruel. I saw it as standing by my moral high ground and took their slaps and cuts as stripes along a long journey of being a faithful servant.
So while there was no Santa, the spirit of the season grew in my heart and soul and I carried that year round to bestow on people throughout my life. With Christ and Santa living in my heart, I knew I would grow to be a strong, caring, nurturing person. After my mistakes were forgiven, I made sure that I perfected my soul, enlightened my spirit, and gifted myself and others around me with my presence.
Do I believe in Santa? Yes. My son thinks me crazy, but Santa’s giving spirit dwells in me, what can I say, he’s an honorable man. Do I believe in my Lord and Savior and the true documentation of the Holy Words shared for centuries? Wholeheartedly!
“There is no greater gift in life, than the gift of love. Give it often and freely.” ~ Joni


benning said...

Excellent post, Joni! The spirit of Santa lives, and it is based, as it was in the very beginning, on the love of Christ.

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Long reign LOVE! <3

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LOVE is all we need...

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