Sunday, December 26, 2010

Poetry Sunday

Christmas Thoughts

Though I’m not there to be with you
my spirit fills the room.
Remember I am happy now
no longer full of gloom.

I left a void with those I love;
my soul it craved release.
I had to move on as God had asked,
so the pain in me would cease.

Often times I shed a tear,
thinking of all I lost.
Relinquishing all material wealth,
is all that it would cost.

The price so small in my mind’s eye
as the Lord embraces my being.
Sacrifice is a message instilled.
His light is all I’m seeing.

As holidays will come and go,
my love lives in your heart.
For as long as my memory lingers
we’ll never be far apart.

Think of me as if I’m there
as hard as it all seems.
I’ll be home for Christmas,
If only in my dreams.


June said...

Awesome, Joni! I was sad and filled with joy all at the same time...


joni said...

Thanks June!

My heart is full, that's a good thing. :)

Yvonne said...

When a poet peaks inside my soul and seems to write the words I felt but couldn't say; I know she has the gift. You are so gifted.

This could have been (should have been) the Christmas card I sent to my mom and the other relatives I miss so much. It made me cry. If you could find a graphic artist, your poems would make lovely, heart-felt cards.

joni said...

What a compliment Von! That means a lot.

This was last years Christmas poem to my mom and Dad, who are, as you know, back in Baltimore. I miss them so much but always feel their right in my heart always! :)

Thanks. Now you've given me something else to think about...a graphic artist. :)