Friday, December 31, 2010

The Year that was...

“How people treat you is their karma; how you react is yours.”  Wayne Dyer

Well this has been a long year. Every year we have had a ritual on New Years Eve which I feel has been expelled with the new us. For the past year it has been a challenge for the whole family as we have highs and lows, big dreams and minor setbacks. But we endure.

Beau has been blind for the entire year now. Nebraska has its ups and downs what with the weather, the driving challenges, and my life has been a railroad soaring on through the year, blowing the horn loudly if anyone gets in my way, and trudging through the elements that all are being tossed at me.

The weather - Last Christmas we were hit with a blizzard, and another followed right after that one and I found myself isolated out here, the truck getting stuck in tire-high snow, and the season not wanting to end when I still had snow in the yard come April. Then the summer storms hit, then the, what Nebraskans call ‘breezy’ days with 35 mph winds. (Where I come from, we call that WINDY!)

The driving challenges - In April I found myself in an accident that changed my driving skills forever, I feel. While I know many of you can get in an accident and just hop back on the road to blissful moments of driving in the car, for me, everyday was a challenge to get behind the wheel. We live in a place with narrow lanes, and no shoulders of the road, just a drop into a ditch. The winds push the truck around like it was a paper bag, then you have ol’ paranoid me, behind the wheel.

Then the holidays hit - Where we once went out, looking at all the beautiful lights, in Texas the houses all competed for the best light show and we, for five years trekked for two hours to go to a BEAUTIFUL, drive-through, Light Show with elves working, Santa waving, showers of lights that sped around the park, the truck being swept along by lights and the many cars behind and in front of us. But lights hold no luster for a blind person, so I didn’t go to see any either, this year or last. 

I spent a whopping thirty-five dollars and some change on Adam for Christmas which really cut our holiday bill. But you know what, he was the happiest kid in Nebraska for the miracles that WERE left under the tree.

The year is ending on a high note as I know the New Year will be spiritually enriching. Growth is inevitable and change lies just over the horizon. I can smell it and taste it in the air. I also will welcome the New Year as a beloved long lost friend, embracing the arms of a new month, a new beginning, a wonderful new number! 2011...or twenty eleven as some say. Its an odd number so that’s good. Good things happen on the odd numbered years for me, so I am much looking forward to it!

May God bless you all on your journey so that you hold the change in your hand and feel blessed for all that it is!  ~ Joni


Stormcrow said...

Happy New Year baby!

joni said...

Back at ya Beau! Hugs and kisses!!!

June said...

May you and your family have a BLESSED and JOYOUS New Year! :)

joni said...

And you do the same June! :)

Many blessings.