Sunday, December 05, 2010

Poetry Sunday~ A Winter Scene

A Winter Scene
The morning breathes a sigh of relief,
a new dawn has broken through.
The snow it whispers from the sky
 the blush of a fresh days hue.

Trees are barren as they sleep
each limb has clinging cotton
crisp cold air wafts throughout
squirrels are all but forgotten.

The crunching noise it lingers
as deer and elk creep by.
Silence holds this winter day
as snow falls from on high.

The air is full of Christmas
a holy day abounds.
Bells and holly carry on
the wondrous seasons sounds.

Mystery here is clinging
as angels sing a song,
coming is a new born babe
leading men along.

Awaken all you nations
hear the words I plea,
God has sent a part of Him
for sins of you and me.

Generations have come and gone
but everything's the same.
The Holy night is cherished
as the very day He came!


June said...

Looking out on a snowy landscape? We have a dusting here at my mom's

Love the visual quality and lyrical music of this poem!

joni said...

Thanks June,

I go for lyrical! :)

If it doesn't sing to me surely it won't sing to my readers. :D

Stormcrow said...

I don't like winter, but I like Christmas! Well done!

joni said...

I like winter (but I think I'm done now) and I love Christmas!

Thanks for stopping by! :)

When do we move back to Texas? lol