Sunday, December 19, 2010

Poetry Sunday~ Sounds of the Season

Sounds of the Season
The trees they shiver in the cold
as Christmas day draws near.
Crunching of the fallen leaves
that continue to linger here.

Aromas of pine crawl throughout
the embers of fires aglow;
the season is touched with tidings
as we welcome new fallen snow.

Many people gather
in the shelter of a breeze;
Whistling winds shudder the bones
as forms begin to freeze.

Carolers having made their rounds
in the magic of the call.
Lifting spirits as they go
blessing one and all.

Allow the moment to take you away
where joy and love abound.
The blessed world comes alive,
in the harmony of all sound.

The time draws nigh unto us,
to remember the very reason,
we yearly come to celebrate
this glorious Christmas season.


June said...

Lovely, Joni! The images are magical...

For some odd reason my mind interjected a group of homeless people into your poem. Made me stop and remember all that I'm thankful for and to give to those who go without...

Bless you!

joni said... caught that subliminal message did you. :)
Then my work was complete. :)

It was the image I had when writing it also. :)

I think the homeless appreciate the love of the season more than the Scrooges of society.