Friday, January 19, 2018

Gateway to Health: Spring Cleaning Your Diet

1 Tim. 3:5 “(For if a man know not how to rule his own house, how shall he take care of the church of God?)”

Spring Cleaning Your Diet

I know it’s a little early being January and all, but it is never too early to clean up your health. I know with January first everybody made resolutions to lose weight but do they realize you don’t just stop eating and wait for the pounds to melt off? You need to clean your system out if you want a healthy weight loss that will actually work and last.

By cleaning up, I mean detoxification! You need to meticulously clean out the toxins in your body that have your liver, bladder and other essential organs not responding because of your unhealthy eating.

Tamara St John, who NATURALLY successfully healed her cancer has a great website for the Big C patients and the non-C patients. Allow me to say that not all cancers are the same and thus are not holistically healed the same. We all have to do what works for us!

But if you want to lose weight, it is advisable to do a detox. first. This will help you clean out the mechanisms that keep you going day in and day out. A probiotic will assist you in cleaning out and keep the house kept up. Because once you clean out your system, you don’t want to clog it right back up with toxins and junk.

If you don’t want to go the diet route then it is possible to just clean up your ingested food. You see, you might think that buying ground beef in bulk saves money, or buying really pink ground beef is safe to eat but know your grocer. A lot of times they spray freshness additives (toxic to your cleaned out system) to make the meat stay fresher on the shelf longer.

Some people feel they NEED meat but I can guarantee, it isn’t a NEED it’s a want, I totally get carnivorous amongst us. All I’m saying is buy the least toxic food available to you to keep your system clean and functioning properly. I found some really good recipe sites for you to try out. No, I haven’t made any myself YET, but I am surely going to try. If you absolutely NEED meat, add some. This is a lifelong journey of health for me, not a do and fail option.

Food Revolution 


Also, find alternatives for your sugar cravings. I use 100% organic maple syrup in my oatmeal and it is delicious instead of stevia or processed sugar. There are so many other ways to a healthy diet. I buy a big organic sweet potato, chop it up put it in a lidded casserole dish. I ‘paint’ the sides and bottom with organic coconut oil first so nothing sticks. I sprinkle, nutmeg, ginger, cloves and a hefty dash of cinnamon, drizzle the maple syrup on top, toss in some FRESH pineapple chunks, cut up an apple also and throw that on top, toss it in the oven (350 degrees) for forty-five minutes! It is better (to me) and just as filling as any meat dish you can throw in your face!

There is a healthy alternative cheese also. It’s not as good as cheddar or processed cheese but I love the creamy grilled cheese sandwich my coconut cheese makes! A diet does not need to be restrictive; it just needs to be tweaked with better for you ingredients.

I know how people are addicted to chocolate too. For some reason, they don’t want to try the healthier raw cacao powder to make their brownies or cookies, but this way they could eat without the guilt of the chocolate being bad for them! I don’t like chocolate but I am tempted to try the raw cacao in a smoothie! 

There are healthy eggs out there, healthy chicken, healthy sausage, and even, yes Benning, a better for you healthy BACON! It isn’t a matter of going on a diet, it is a matter of changing your unhealthy eating to HEALTHY alternatives. I know, I know, no one likes change; not many like healthy either.

If we all became aware of what unhealthy food goes down the tube, we’d surely not be an overweight nation. Fast food restaurants would lose business, restaurants would change the way they cook and offer healthier foods to the patrons.  Papa Johns is testing an organic and gluten-free menu and we’re definitely going to see a rise in awareness of what we’re doing to our bodies. I don’t know how long Papa John’s will stand to the pressure of going organic if the founder was made to quit after comments about the money grubbing NFL and their protest ‘people’.

The crazy world we live in is really weird in not wanting people healthy and opposing anything the people do to better their health! Take the FDA, for example, wanting to ban herbs that they call DRUGS because these freakish people don’t know what they’re doing. I think they all WANT us to die, not thriving and healthy, they want us sick and on drugs! REAL drugs like opioids and oxycontin.

Sadly, you say you don’t want to change. I guess you like going to the doctor and handing them your money month after month? You like the pills they offer yet won’t call yourself a drug addict because they’re legal drugs prescribed by a doctor who has had eight hours of training in nutrition? There are a few doctors out there willing to hear you and listen to your plan of healing and will work WITH you to see you to good health. They are out there but if you come from a small state, don’t count on it, they are out for themselves. Do some research and make your health a priority! How can a manicure/pedicure, getting your hair done, buying ‘stuff’ set precedence over your health? It makes no sense to me. How will you enjoy all the stuff if you’re hospitalized or worse, dead?

Do some spring-cleaning for your health! Not just as a passing fad, not as something you’re thinking about, not just a do and fail trip; make your HEALTH your lifelong journey to survival! Illness shouldn’t be about sickness and the endgame; the surfacing of a disease is about HEALTH and a new way to LIVE!

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Gateway to Health: Don't Do Drugs!

Ex. 23: 10 “And six years thou shalt sow thy land, and shalt gather in the fruits thereof:”

Gateway to Health: Don’t Do Drugs

With the height of the cold and flu season upon us, everyone is ready to grab the first drug offered if it means the symptoms will be reduced and you won’t feel so bad. Did you ever stop for a minute and think that the pacifier (drugs) is the very reason your illness lasts for two weeks or more?

I’m reminded of the time when I had had teeth pulled and expected antibiotics. EXPECTED! Expected because I didn’t want an infection and pain but the doctor told me he only gives antibiotics when there already IS infection present, there is no other reason FOR antibiotics! I sure wish he was an oncologist! His logic was that our body’s immune system fights infection better than any antibiotic and antibiotics are only for an active infection where the immune system obviously is compromised and not working! 

So if you’re taking drugs for a cold, flu or any other illness, your immune system is not functioning properly. Drugs enter your system and mimic the tiny molecular process so that your system believes that what it is seeing is from you internally. You have tricked the disease into believing that your immune system is working. My next question will be, why would you let a drug do for you what God created your immune system to do for you?

I’ve realized with this disease that is running rampant in me is all because my immune system has stopped working. The cells are in there taking advantage of me allowing the fungus to fester and grow. Like a mold growing on your walls or climbing the trees, you need to know the root cause of the problem before getting rid of the growth. A pacifying treatment is no CURE, it is an obvious mask and your internal system knows when you're trying to trick it!

I find it quite ironic how everyone looks down on drug addicts but because you are ‘prescribed’ legal drugs, everyone is okay with that. My brother is back home addicted to oxycontin because it was legally prescribed to him when he had a back injury many years ago. He’s needed more drugs and he caters to more illegal addictions BECAUSE he was prescribed LEGAL drugs. He is borderline homeless and just waiting to die I guess because he doesn’t want to be healed of his addictions.

No one wants to be taken off their meds. The meds seem to be working so you keep on purchasing them over and over, year after year. Face it, call it what it is, it’s an addiction. You don’t question the medication because, in your mind, you believe it is a medication that is helping you. Well sure it is helping you, the drug is mocking your immune system and the one God gave you has been put on the back burner and has submissively given up on you.

We ALL are fighting a compromised immune system! Some would rather take drugs and others seek out the culprit and aim to heal the immune system that years of damage have caused via herbal remedies. My disease is no different than your disease, its just as a society, my disease has the fear factor clenching its teeth around the mind, body and spirit! Take away the drugs and fear factor, you have a damaged mind, body and soul. 

Why do people turn so easily to a fabricated drug? Is it because they trust a doctor? I believe that is the problem in a nutshell. Yes, I believe doctors are necessary. Yes, I believe they can help us with a detrimental illness but I also believe it is their duty to try everything else BEFORE handing us drugs to become addicted to. They know what they’re doing and they don’t believe they’re doing anything wrong because people 'appear' to be healing from drugs.

I noticed that a lot of people are wising up to the doctors and their machinations and finding alternative treatments to their drug-induced disease. The drugs should be the last resort, not the first go to! Children across the world are being fed these drugs via vaccinations. Vaccinations are NOT mandatory yet, but you better plan to homeschool your child if she or he is not inoculated, the government doesn’t ALLOW non-vaccinated children into THEIR schools!  

Kids are the portal to future illnesses. We pop them with pills and drugs at an early age for minor things and have them relying on pills to heal any affliction. As addicted adults, we don’t take the blame for our child’s addiction because we ourselves are addicted to drugs on one level or another. It’s a vicious cycle and the merry-go-round never stops!

Herbs and oils have been used for centuries! Long before pharmaceutical corporations began running their business, the healing properties were not of synthetic form they were from the earth in a natural state! We as humans have lost sight of these facts via drugs and brainwashing. We believe drugs are good and herbs are bad. Enlighten yourself, read the links I provided.

I don’t see people spraying Round-Up on their food at the dinner table but they willingly secretly ingest the product. Because the toxin cannot be seen, we don’t worry about ingesting the chemical. At every restaurant, fast food or otherwise, you are putting chemicals into your body that your system doesn’t recognize. Your system, liver, bladder, all bodily functions react and begin to shut down and a sickness arises, one that you can’t heal because your immune system is too far gone and you NEED DRUGS.

Why is the organic industry blossoming? Not because of a bunch of health nuts, but because people like you and me are tired of being sick and fed drugs. We’re waking up and taking control of what goes into our systems. We’re not walking blindly into a doctor’s office and taking what he prescribes as truth and fact, we're asking questions! This might hurt his and the pharmaceutical business but you know what that means to you as a paying customer? They’re ramping up the PUSH for you to take MORE drugs and demanding your KIDS need them too!

You might think that all of this thinking came about when I was diagnosed with a disease that the world believes to be the ‘killing-disease’ but do you really think I would have just gone the alternative route because I thought there might be another option to slice, dice and chemo? This decision wasn’t entered into lightly. I’ve always used the doctor as a last resort. I watched what I ate daily, not taking a liking to eating a ton of meat and sugars, I read and I learned. My biggest vice was Pepsi’s, chips and pasta. When this illness surfaced I was still fitting into my size seven jeans so no, I was never an overweight person, I just inhaled the wrong things.

I’ve always believed in God, the earth, and nature. The doctor, for any ailment, depression, anxiety, and basically anything I’ve been hit with was and always will be my last resort, not my first stop and shop go-to business. I believe we hold the power within us to heal ourselves, we just don’t utilize our mind in the aspect to which it was formed and the very reason we exist!

Our secret medicinal strength is in our mind. If you ask an insomniac why they can’t sleep, they’ll tell you, I just can’t stop thinking. In other words, they have no control over relaxing their mind. I wonder if when they are sick and bedridden, do they sleep? If they do, you want to know why? Because their mind KNOWS they need REST and makes sure they get more than they normally would. When they get better, poof, their mind is back in the racing game, all gassed up and ready to go. 

When our society becomes less dependent on drugs, then and only then will you witness a nationwide healing taking place. Otherwise, if you are not willing to change, your diet, your mind, or your way of healing yourself then we will continue to see the downfall of an over-burdened drug addicted society.

Isa. 48:19 “Behold, I will do a new thing; now it shall spring forth; shall ye not know it? I will even make a way in the wilderness, and rivers in the desert.”

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Gateway to Health: HEALTH

Gal. 5:16  “This I say then, Walk in the Spirit, and ye shall not fulfil the lust of the flesh.”

Gateway to Health: HEALTH

Sickness is running rampant. People are carrying colds for weeks not days. The flu is knocking people out and killing some. Vaccinations for the flu are being dished out like candy and yet our nation is still overrun with illness. It’s so bad that medical supplies are running out in some hospitals and you say you still want to continue down your unhealthy path? 

I don’t understand. I’m almost at a loss for words but I won’t allow words to escape me. I’m a writer, not a fictional fantasy writer; I’m an adamant nonfiction writer. I see we’re in short supply! People are too busy with politics (still), Hollywood Happenings, and local crime to be caught up with the HEALTH of the nation, even when people are dropping off like dry skin.

My husband came home Friday asking me to make chicken soup. That’s the signal I need to know he’s coming down with a cold. After reading the (to me) horror stories of people being laid up for weeks on end with a cold or flu kind of scares me when he comes home with an illness. He works in the public atmosphere, breathing in toxic virus’ daily. 

I would tell you what arsenal you need to prevent or minimize your sickness but I feel like you wouldn’t listen to me anyway. Health nuts already know so I don’t need to tell them, I need to tell you, the ones who are getting sick! How many times have you heard about vitamin C over the years, thousands of times more than likely? They have all kinds of pills with zinc, and vitamin c and they leap off the shelves in droves. Notice that no one looks at the ingredients of those pills, they just buy because that’s what’s being shown to work on TV, in the media, and everywhere else. But you were still in bed for weeks weren’t you? 

I don’t take lightly to my fellow man basically killing themselves off. I don’t want to be the only one alive here because I learned how to take care of myself. I go on and on telling people how cans are toxic, plastic is toxic, GMO’s are not good for your body and microwaving plastic is even more toxic. Here is the ‘I need it fast and I need it now’ world, people are losing sight of the simple ways to take care of themselves.



GMO’s - why they are toxic

Plastics -  why microwaving plastics may or may not be a good idea. 

Now there are links to every single one above to say that none of these things are bad for our food, the environment, or us. You be the judge. You're going to eat whatever you want anyway. Cancer is at an all-time high, pollution is destroying the atmosphere, our animals are being genetically modified, and a chemical toxin one way or another is constantly treating our crops. Sicknesses are lasting longer and pills, shots, vaccines, and addictions are all being brought front and center for you to be aware of, but is anyone doing anything to change the outcome? No, no one. Your government isn't going to save you from disaster. You have to save yourself!

I find it quite ironic when people get sick, (especially my husband) the first thing needed and wanted is Chicken Soup! Why, because it has healing qualities and tastes good. Do you wonder why chicken noodle soup is good for colds? It (should have) an abundance of VEGETABLES! Sure, reach for the vegetables when you’re sick, but reach for them to prevent getting sick? No way!

When purchasing my Vitamin C a couple of months ago, my husband got the wrong one. I needed the Soloray 5000 mg non-acidic powder. He inadvertently got acidic. The Big C patients need non-acidic. I have on hand two bottles of acidic vitamin C (and non-acidic for me)! 5000 mg is no small amount of vitamin C I might add. So a few months ago when he came home with the request of chicken noodle soup, I knew what it was for, a cold was looming. 

“I’ll make the soup if you take this vitamin C.” A bribe that worked and paid off!! His cold lasted less than a week! Now this time, with the fear tactics running rampant on social media and elsewhere, Friday I told him to take the vit. C and I’d make soup. Since his diet has changed dramatically, I do expect him to nip this cold and be out and about in no time. 

I have everyone in the house thinking about his diet intake but they are actually TAKING ACTION to change!! I didn’t say change or else, I let them live the way they want and you know what, they’re not happy with being unhealthy and are taking steps on their own to change! 

I’ve been on the healthy route for almost a year now (Jan. 25, 2017)! And since I have no fat to hold the toxins in my body, I’m hoping this cold he brought into the household will pass over me like the plague unleashed in Egypt. The Blood of the Lamb will protect me! I might get a sore throat or something, maybe a little cough, but I know that by continually eating healthy is paying off for me in more ways than one. 

The sickness scare would not be an issue if people were already healthy. It wouldn’t be newsworthy to report. I think people might like going to the doctor because that is at least one other person who will sympathize with their illness who can pat them on the head and hand them a drug and tell them to come back in six weeks.

I’m not in a state with alternative/integrative doctors that teach you about health and nutrition BEFORE sickness becomes widespread. I live in a state that thrives on GMO’s and demands that their agriculture is as healthy as the organic industry. The doctors are legal drug pusher’s destroying a once beautiful farming state. While the state might look big on the map, it is as small as the 20,000 small-town residents that keep the counties going. The longer I live here, the smaller the state becomes to me. It’s funny to me because I come from a tiny state on the map that has state of the art hospitals all within walking distance! 

While eating and living healthy is your Gateway to Health, you have to begin to change somewhere! While I’m out here striving to stay alive I have to watch as everyone around me is falling ill. It’s not a pretty sight, just as seeing a woman diagnosed with a dire disease, thriving and being vibrant with health must not be a pretty sight to you. Or maybe it is and you wished that you had her spirit, determination, and persistence in maintaining health. You CAN! 

Friday, January 12, 2018

Gateway to Health: Food

Isa. 3:11 "Woe unto the wicked! it shall be ill with him: for the reward of his hands shall be given him."

Gateway to Health: FOOD!

Can’t means you won’t!

Feed a cold starve a fever. 
Google definition:
“The belief is that eating food may help the body generate warmth during a “cold” and that avoiding food may help it cool down when overheated. But recent medical science says the old saw is wrong. It should be “feed a cold, feed a fever.”  Science-based facts listed here.

A natural way to healing the common cold and flu!

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” ~ Hippocrates

With illness running rampant and the flu in forty-six states leaving people bedridden, you’d think more and more people would be changing their toxic diets into healthy ones to ward off the virus’. Granted when a floating virus is in the air and you breathe in, it is pretty hard to ward off that illness once inside your body.

It’s apparent that not only was my immune system compromised and allowed this Big C to make its stand in my body, but the nation is under attack of the viral community. Doctors offices are filling up in record number as everyone checks in for antibiotics to fend off this illness that has them homebound and bedridden. Flu shots that don’t work are continuously offered, antibiotics handed out like a  candy vending machine, and people so seriously sick, some die.

All of 2017 I aimed people in the ‘changing their diet’ direction to ward off sickness, but did anyone listen to me? Nope, they all succumbed to the holiday indulgences of sugars, food, and people where the virus’ thrive, hence an abundance of people are now sick. So to me, it is apparent, you don’t value your immune system no more than I did, and thus life as we know it becomes altered and all you can do is lay in bed sick and complain.

In my healing process, I have had many traumatic memories flooding back to me that need releasing as I move on. They are all part of the healing process and the only way I actively work to release them is to write about them. One (non-traumatic) memory surfaced yesterday as I was discussing the rarity of my situation and the active change that I’ve embraced. Someone had said, they can’t change, they’ve tried but can’t. 

The memory of a nun in fourth grade pulling me aside saying, “Joni, when you say you CAN’T do it, it means you WON’T!”

Can’t means you Won’t has stuck with me since fourth grade and I’m wondering if when I was diagnosed if that wasn’t front and center in my mind. Can’t change my nasty diet/illness means I won’t. I turned can’t into WILL change! I WILL do everything in my power to take on change. Every time the thought came into my mind, ‘I can’t do that’, I remembered can’t means won’t, and I changed, quite drastically I might add all because of the nun and her statement in fourth grade? Well, thank you, Sister Margaret Mary! 

Oh how I wished I had a branding iron and could burn into to your skin those words, Can’t means Won’t, and every time you think you can’t do something, the mark is there to remind you that you CAN do it!

Maybe it would help if you watched the movie, ‘Yes Man’, with Jim Carey. He goes through life saying no to everything until an old friend sees him and asks if he is still at the same dead-end job he was in thirty years ago. His friend goes on to tell him how HE has changed his life by saying YES to everything. He takes him [Carey] to a convention that changed his life forever.

Then there’s the movie, ‘Stranger Than Fiction’, where the character is the real-life version of a fictional character who is destined to be killed off. He has to change his destiny. That movie resonated with me as a writer.

What does any of this have to do with your health? It has everything to do with saving your life and changing your diet to ward off these viral infections with a stronger immune system. What you eat has everything to do with your damaged immune system. You damaged the poor thing, you’ve let your body down and you WON’T change to save your own life. That is the sad fact of the matter.

I want to help by encouraging you to change. While I’m out here feeling GREAT with a disease that’s killing millions of people you all are in bed throwing Kleenex (or more) at the computer screen telling me to shut up already. I can’t/won't shut up, I want you to live as much as I myself wants to live.

Remember this, doctors stay in business with you sick. If people started getting healthy they’d have no business, they might be forced to learn new things about the health of a patient. I’m going to aim you to Vitamin C. Not a processed pill you pop from your over inflated pharmacy, a 5000 mg powder purchased from a reputable source online. Solaray (non-acidic is my choice) but the acidic will work better for the non-cancer patient.

If your doctor warns you off of vitamin C, think about that, our immune systems can be fixed with vitamin C, why would a doctor tell you NO? I can tell you that once your immune system starts fighting for itself, the less and less medication you will need. A probiotic will get your organs functioning properly because let's face it, if you’re popping pills, are overweight, are fighting sicknesses too many times in a year, you’re damaging your organs along with your immune system. Get them all (organs and immune system) on the same page, BUT, and this is MAJOR, if you WON’T change your diet, none of these supplements will work for you. It was nice knowing you. My heart and love to you.

People think all I eat is grass and they’d be wrong. Since I’m creative with my writing, I am also creative with my cooking. Non-toxic foods taste BETTER than the processed carbohydrates you shovel in, or the GMO meat you fill your bellies with, or even the lovely sugars you kill yourself with.

Take for example two eggs (for me) add more for more mouths to feed. I use the brown farm-raised chicken's eggs. I add an abundance of nutrition to just two scrambled eggs. Different days, different variations so as not to get bored.

2 eggs, scrambled
2 slices of onion finely chopped
slices of red pepper
I have a bag of organic spinach (I use for salads too) and I take a handful and like wringing out a rag wring the spinach and shred it in my eggs when eggs are almost done and veggies are soft and tender.
Flaxseed tossed in (ample amount, optional)
Green pepper
Pepper (to your liking)
Cayenne pepper (to your liking)

I just add ingredients to my liking (veggies) until the eggs are merely a speck among the clouds. It’s a delicious dish with (organic) carrot/orange juice by Knudsen, or pomegranate/cranberry, they have very nice selections or the V8 Berry Bliss juice on occasions. They too have a nice variety but read the labels to see if sugar is ADDED and the carbs!

To put it quite simply my salads I make a feast out of by adding more and more colors and variations. My spaghetti is of the gluten-free variety noodles and sometimes I add chicken sausage (along with my peppers and onions and mushrooms). Be creative! When creativity comes alive when you’re cooking, the vegetables are rarely tasted but ingested and fed to your system in abundance! I also use Bertolli Organic tomato and basil spaghetti sauce. I prefer the glass jars over plastics for obvious reasons.

Change is not that hard when the taste is good. I drink purified water or organic juices. Even something as simple as organic oatmeal I make filling and full of fruit! I add raisins, banana or strawberry (or any berry) cinnamon, and use Organic 100% Pure Maple Syrup (to your liking), and I drizzle coconut milk over it (to my liking) along with two slices of toast with Almond Butter. Voila! A meal! And if I get hungry for a snack later, I go right for grapes or chunks of pineapple or baked apple and pineapple with cinnamon and maple syrup! No wonder I’ve lost so much weight. Everything I eat, my body utilizes! 

So when you say you can’t change because (fill in excuse here) you really won’t change because (fill in the blank.) Think about it, change is in your grasp and you won’t do it. It only takes one small step to lead to leaps and bounds but you won’t take that first step out of FEAR of Change, face it. 

God bless you all on your living journey!

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Gateway to Health: Confidence

Pss. 118:8 “It is better to trust in the LORD than to put confidence in man.”


Throughout scripture, I can find dozens of verses building me with the confidence I need to move forward. Ones where God promises to never let me down in times of trouble (and when there is no trouble also). 

As a child, I lacked confidence and had very low self-esteem. I had no confidence in moving from one day to the next. Suicidal thoughts were my companions throughout many years of my life. Venturing into a strained marriage as a child at seventeen, left me carrying the burden of a mental illness that I felt consumed him more than me. I told myself that I was the strong one. In hindsight I realize I was just as crazy as him. 

My first sexual encounter with him was that of statutory rape as I was fifteen and he was nineteen. But since I had been sexually abused years prior, I didn’t know the difference in sex and love they meshed like clouds and sun. Sex down by the grainy railroad tracks was not my idea of an ideal love story in the making but I went on for twenty years married to him all in the name of love. I guess I was as warped as him. My question all along was, would God save me? Would He get me out of this mess I got myself into? 

God enabled me to be free of the disaster of a marriage with a young child in tow and an angel that had passed over when I was sixteen. My hard knocks crippling marriage would have come to an end even if I was the only one who saw the enduring mental illness that carried the marriage into the roadblock that awaited us. 

Confidence was never my friend. I saw other girls, and then women look like torches in the darkened night, going forward with their hair blowing in the wind. They were free to carry the light and they did so with grace and confidence even if their inner turmoil was present, they had families supporting them, friends surrounding their inner circle, and they might have had a God that guided them. I don't know but from the outside looking in, they were the epitome of confidence.

Matt. 18:20 “For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.”

My fairytale was never so elegant. Mine was crawling in the pits of ashes, clawing my way from one disaster to another. Yes, I had God by my side, but what I didn’t have was two or three gathered. I was alone and lonely in my mind most of my childhood and adult life and the fight was my own while everyone else was floating forward in life. I was scraping my knees to get by, nothing more; I lived only to one day die.

Then in 2002 things began to change. Life was breathed into me. I felt a new reason to live and that was the fairytale kind of love that knocked on my door; all I had to do was leave everything (EVERYTHING, except my child) behind and go forward. I was no longer on my knees; I was being whisked away by the light and love that other people, the floaters, experienced. Leaving the alcohol and drug-induced dysfunctional family behind was a little easier than I  had ever imagined. 

To say that the next fifteen years were an easy breeze would not be true. I had to adapt to a new way of living; new family to embrace. Living six years in Texas was just the cocoon phase of my metamorphosis. I would be part of a team, him and I; I would be enmeshed in my dream of the writing world, I would love and be loved back, maybe for the first time in my life! Granted my family back home loved me, to an extent, I was out of sight and thus out of their mind. 

My heart and life grew ten sizes too big when he and I were forced to move to Nebraska, the hometown of my hubby and his ever-loving God enriched family. This was everything I ever sought in life, to love and be loved. I had online friends who grew into a family to me; I had spiritual friends who I knew were only brought to me by the hand of God himself. I had family that was close by and that accepted me with all my quirkiness and tales in tow, they all loved me!

This might sound a little crazy coming out of left field but this disease is just one of the best things ever to happen to me. How many of you can say that? I was given a second chance to embrace life. Change the things I KNEW were wrong. I'm allowing people to see that there is confidence in being supported one way or another. Support is not people saying, ‘Oh I’m so sorry this is happening to you,’ support is people watching you walk through the coals of fire and standing on the sidelines saying they know you can do it, thatta girl, way to go!

When this diagnosis smacked me in the face I wanted to live like never before. I wanted God to use me for His purpose and maybe this time with the support of spiritual friends and marital family, and my niece Sara from back home, I wouldn’t be alone in my walk. They would surround me with the support I needed and I would now be the torchbearer walking forward in confidence leading them with the Light I carry.

Pss 118: 5-6 “I called upon the Lord in distress: the Lord answered me, and set me in a large place. The Lord is on my side; I will not fear: what can man do unto me?”

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Faith, Strength, and Determination

Side by side, me and my God

Zeph. 3:17 “The LORD thy God in the midst of thee is mighty; he will save, he will rejoice over thee with joy; he will rest in his love, he will joy over thee with singing.”

Faith, Strength, and Determination

Again, after the diagnosis, I knew what I wanted and it wasn’t chemotherapy. The days following the Big C diagnosis I did a lot of talking to God and asking Him where it is that HE would have me go. I was listening, hearing, and leaning on his promise. I knew what I didn’t want and that was to be sliced open, radiated, and given chemotherapy for YEARS then be placed on meds until my imminent death. Or I didn’t want midway through the course of the treatments to change my mind THEN decide to go the healthy HEALING holistic route. No, I would need FAITH, strength, and determination!

I felt like this was a race of a lifetime. The race where I might struggle and fall at times and would surely need God to come and hold me up and help me finish each stretch of the journey. You see, I think people get the wrong impression of God being a punishing God, one who wants to take you out swiftly because you’re a sinner. They could not be more wrong. This is my take.

When God created the world and sin slithered into the picture God the disciplinarian stepped in to show mankind the path that we should go. We were aimed at leaning on Him and trusting that He knew what was right for us. Man didn’t want a Father to lean on; man relied falsely on himself to take care of matters. Selfishness and greed ruled and God in his eternal love for what he created gave discipline where discipline was due. Then he rested, He let man try and shape his moral dilemma and we failed miserably.

That’s where Jesus stepped into the picture. God, as man, lived on earth to feel the intensity of what sin in the world was in ‘real time’. What is so ironic is that God could feel the anger of mankind destroying all that He created, but he was never tempted to be like man. That is what set Jesus apart from the selfish greedy man. Man could not, then or now, accept the fact that there was perfection allowed to walk the earth. Man was and is still consumed with himself only allowing God into the picture when they need Him.

Prov. 3:5 “Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.”

I am deeply rooted in my faith. It is no better than yours and no worse, it is different. We are all allowed to think and feel differently about our beliefs as long as we know where to lean when times of trouble arise. Man still wants to do things for himself, a kind of not wanting to ‘burden’ God with his problems sort of matter. As for me, I always lean on God for even the smallest of things, seriously!

Well, this diagnosis was nothing small but I still turned to Him first. Was I wrong? In my mind, NO, I’m different. Some people take a doctors word as solid truth with no room for error. Some go for a second and third opinion for a reason, I like to think it’s because their gut instinct is telling them something doesn’t feel right. My gut instinct is God in me, holding me up and carrying me and giving me strength and determination in places where others might fall. He shows me the way in which to go and I follow with no doubt or mistrust in the midst.

1 Pet. 1:8 “Whom having not seen, ye love; in whom, though now ye see him not, yet believing, ye rejoice with joy unspeakable and full of glory:”

I got a first and second opinion and what it felt like was that same small child who was on the playground being bullied. I felt like my opinion didn’t matter and I was supposed to lay down my life for this disease and adhere to the almighty doctor who doesn’t know one hair on my head but thinks he knows what is best for me. Bullies belittle and shame you into submission. Out of fear, you crumble and fall, it's the human thing to do.

Luke 12:7 “But even the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Fear not therefore: ye are of more value than many sparrows.”

I went that route of the bullies as a kid. It didn’t work then and I was led down the wrong path and only when I trusted with everything in me, God my Father, that is when my life turned around. At the doctor’s office, I felt the taunting fingers, pointing at me, screaming and telling me I’m wrong and that I was nothing, I was not committing to their plan and no, they were not happy about it. Just as it was when I was a kid and turned to God, I was shunned, the doctors then released me and would not claim responsibility if anything were to go wrong. No tests, no follow through, nothing. Like bullies who didn’t get their way, they stomped off into the sunset, onto their next victim.

I was scared and alone but everything in me told me to trust in God. As in the past, I knew the path, I knew the trust and faith I needed to put in Him. No, it would not be an easy task but it was a route that I trusted in my very being, my soul was in the safe familiar territory.

By the grace of God, I was now filled with strength and determination. Out in the small crowd of family and friends, there would still be wagging fingers, taunting and unbelieving of the idiocy. How dare I go against what they themselves found to be truth and trust in the doctors. Who am I to go against the grain? What makes me any better? Nothing, she’ll fall! I allowed the doubts of the naysayers to tinker in my mind for a spell. Not for very long as you can see. Almost one year has passed and I’m still going strong, feeling great, am forty pounds lighter, and people now want what I have! 

Trust, faith, strength, and determination. They’re all yours! They’re already inside you, you just need to tap into them. It is hard since we’ve been conditioned to trust our fellow man but let me tell you this, in all honesty. You know how you have a friend that you trust with your life? You’ve told the biggest secret to and they carry it with them without sharing it? Then one day it happens, you come home and find that the secret has been spilled? Yeah, God’s not like that. He is the ONLY One you can tell the secret to and trust He won’t tell a soul. As a matter of fact, He already knows the secret before you tell Him, He would just like you to claim it, put it out there for Him to carry for you. That’s me! I share with Him my deepest darkest secrets and trust Him to carry it to my grave. He does, with Light and Love.

As I go on, He is my strength and determination. My faith is in Him and Him alone. The taunters and teasers are silenced. The naysayer is drowned out, limping along the road in doubt and fear in a sunny oasis waiting for one dribble of water. Me, I have a fountain full of faith that I’ll shower them with if only they’d be open to receive. 

Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the EVIDENCE of things not seen. (My motto by the way) Strength is the leaning not on my own understanding and trusting God implicitly. The determination is knowing there is an eternal reward at the end.

Heb. 11:1 “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.”

May the Grace of God be with you all! 

Tuesday, January 09, 2018

Gateway to Health: Change

Job 30:18 “By the great force of my disease is my garment changed: it bindeth me about as the collar of my coat.”

Gateway to Health: Change

Everyone thinks about change, little actually do something about it. In other words, change is just something people think about doing but if you put no action behind it, it is then just a word you throw around. This week is the week resolutions will be broken. The promise of change scared you back into your lazy habits.

You can’t just say you’re going to change your habits you have to actively seek out the best way to make your life better and cut those nasty, toxic routines down a couple of notches! 

When I was first diagnosed I knew a change was in order and one of the major protocols. I didn’t realize just how drastic the change had to be, but I dove right in, researching what needed to change first and foremost. I went from eating mac and cheese, pasta crazy woman who loved her milk and cookies and her unfathomable amounts of bad for me foods and sugar, to zero!

I cut out dairy, meats, carbs, sugar, you name it, I more than likely couldn’t eat it or was leery of it feeding the sick cells in my body. Let me tell you, just because you’re not diagnosed with the Big C doesn’t mean it isn’t sitting inside you right now festering and waiting for the right time to be caught. I know you’re saying, “I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it,” and I pray it never finds you. If it does are you going to be ready?  Yeah, I wasn’t ready either. I too would much rather be eating junk food, drinking Pepsi and living like I just don’t care but God handed me a second chance. Not everyone is as lucky as me. Yeah, the diagnosis was shocking but it didn’t end me. God might not give you, your kids or your grandkids a second chance so why not change now, or at least TRY to change?

I think people in the world are disillusioned. They tell themselves lies to justify why they do what they do or maybe they really don’t care and the YOLO attitude is in charge. That’s still no reason to drink a beer because it helps you fall asleep, or drink aspartame even though you’ve read that it causes cancer. People lie to themselves all the time and justify each step of their wrongdoing.

From the link above:
“...this is due to the fact that tumors were extremely rare in the past. They only became common and rampant in recent times due to people’s poor diet habits, laziness, and excess technology.”

Do you see/read that and realize what it is saying? Our bad eating habits, our laziness has CAUSED cancer? You probably don’t believe that as you’re sitting there biting into a chemically laden burger, or drinking the toxic soft drink, with french fries soaked in grease then ingested. Oh, I know it tastes good, but when you’re popping numerous pills because of an illness, day after day, is that easier and cheaper than CHANGING your diet?

Change isn’t all about food. When you change your diet a lot of times everything else falls into place like exercise, less need of drugs to keep you going, your clothes size, and your health transforms. You no longer want to lie to yourself, you no longer are a person who whines and cries about every ache and pain, you’ve challenged the pain to go away and by changing, it goes away. Change is everything!

With this disease front and center in my life, I changed more than my diet, I changed the toxic water I drink, the soap I use, the shampoo, pots, and pans and with that change, I am no longer a prisoner to chemicals being ingested. We live in a world where no one cares about the round-up being used on our food, the chemicals to keep our food fresh for DAYS and maybe weeks, or the plastics that we radiate our food in a microwave and then eat the food. We have made ourselves sick because we have allowed ourselves to be simplified not knowing it’s what is basically killing us.

We live in a hurried and rushed world not ready for the change. Change is too hard, too challenging, too out of reach. We want our steaks bigger, so they’re shot up with GMO’S, we want our food bigger lasting longer and cooked faster. We don’t want challenges, we like being overweight and lazy. And what is so weird is if we’re not lazy we still gain weight. It’s the chemicals and drugs that have tampered with your metabolism and no matter how hard you try, the weight stays, you keep growing and nothing changes.

I challenged you on January first to give up just carbs and sugar. That’s it. I don’t think anyone took me up on the challenge and that’s okay. If you won’t give up those two, at least become a label reader and become aware of all the carbs and sugar you put in your stomach. Just by changing the way you buy food, can change your waist size, and everything else will follow suit. ACTION causes a REACTION! Guaranteed! It is scientifically proven!

I’ve changed for my health because I want to live yet I can’t figure out for the life of me why. I’m still working on that one. I’m going to live while everyone around me dies? I think I’m being transformed. I’m being prepared. My body is becoming the purity that was born into this world. I’ve only just realized now that I was a tainted lifeform and now my transformation will bring me back to the beginning. It makes no sense to you but all the sense to me.

While I write to try and help you to want to change, I realize no one really wants to change they want to stay the same. Change takes time and since I was in line with a ticket and it came that my time was up, it made the matter more urgent and change was necessary or I’d die, plain and simple.

I have seen testimonies of Stage 4 brain/ colon/ lung cancer patients heal with alternative protocols, I have read testimonies of Stage 3 Breast Cancer patients healing with self-care, I have also seen testimonies of the tragic Stage 1 patients being led to slice and dice slaughter and down the immune life damaging path because they were told they were going to die. One word – CHANGE. Change changes everything! Are you up to the challenge?

Job 14:14 “If a man die, shall he live again? all the days of my appointed time will I wait, till my change come.”