Thursday, October 27, 2011

A Good Report

God gave you a gift of 86,400 seconds today. Have you used one to say "thank you?" ~William A. Ward


Well Sunday was a morning of praise then the usual coming home to make a nice breakfast for us to share, then football.

I’ve been so busy and lost in thoughts these past few weeks I find myself on a path in the woods, trying to find my way back and I feel that only a night under the stars will bring me back home where I need to be.

Monday I rose and took Adam to school where he had a power-point presentation for his art class. He wants to be a graphic designer and this year is about honing that talent he has. I support him all the way because I don’t believe that it’s all about sports, or taking the trash out and all the mundane things Adam does do, it’s about ART, and that is where I need to focus on him at.

Tuesday was the Lions Club attendance. They got to see where their dollars went in bringing about this miracle. Yes, all glory was given to God, but when people shell out money, they want to see where it has gone and the fruits of their labor. All were pleased to see a walking, talking man that could now SEE them and shake their hands. We left at six and arrived home close to ten. They had a meal and then the meeting, so we stayed for it all, and afterward pictures for the newspaper. They deserve bragging rights because they were pivotal in seeing this through.

Wednesday we found ourselves on another trip into Omaha. We had all our help to get us to the operation but we’re on our own now that we’ve had four trips since then. It does cost gas money and we do need to eat. We made it in good time even with the wind knocking us around a bit, and it was supposed to be rainy but we just had clouds the entire seven hour trip, except for the last ten miles as we neared home.

The doctors words were, “Remarkable healing.” I even heard him say, “Amazing!” once, so that is all good! Those words mean we won’t see him until November 18 th and that will be right here in Kearney. :)

Then there’s me. Yeah I am in here somewhere. My mouth is still sore, I have a hard time eating, I think I have a pinched nerve somewhere causing my limbs to feel numb, and Sunday’s church visit found me stumbling to the ground because my ankle just gave out on me completely.

All this has taken its toll on me and I just need some rest. Sitting out there reading this is the easy part, living it and going through all these changes is another thing. A struggle to find your place in it all, and I know...I’m in here somewhere.

Thank you Mrs. Carol, Mrs. Sue and Jess who all have been a rock solid supporting shoulder. And to everyone else who has supported ME, through this. I send big hugs and thankful prayers. THANK YOU ALL!!!!

Angel always...Godspeed...

For each new morning with its light,
For rest and shelter of the night,
For health and food, for love and friends,
For everything Thy goodness sends.
~Ralph Waldo Emerson


M. SUE said...

Oh, Joni~This is, indeed, a good report, all the way through, except for that little bit you slipped in about your ankle. What a happy post to read, too, again, with that teeny exception. In all your caring for others, I guess you need a reminder that you MUST take care of YOU, too. I hope that with some of the settling of the surgery past and the great healing news for Steve and Adam's doing so well with his school projects, etc., that you find opportunity for however you can best relieve all the stress you've, of necessity, put on the back burner. Shove it in the fireplace and use it for a soothing evening's relaxation now as you sit back, warm yourself in the fire's glow, and toast marshmallows...will that work? The best is my continued prayer for each of you, with love~Moi

joni said...

Thank Sue,

Been resting all day and the heating pad is my best friend right now. :)

Thanks for caring. :)