Sunday, September 22, 2013

Poetry Sunday ~ more

May 2003

 Destiny…no more

She rode into my life like the stallion of my dreams
To carry me off to sanctity it seems.
It was her stoic behavior that bustled me through
To a world of fresh life, to all things new.

It was with Destiny that my license was gotten
She carried me through tough times that were rotten.
Whisking us to Nebraska up north
And south to NASA and everywhere henceforth.

Great stamina for a fourteen-year-old truck
To ferry us through until one day she was struck.
The memories I had all flooded my mind
Like getting us through travels with him being blind.

Texas, Nebraska, and Omaha trips
Light shows, balloon fests, our loving quick quips.
Destiny was alive, it seemed to me
She knew she had a hand in setting me free.

The first time I hurt her, her airbags all blown
But out of the ditch, her true colors shown.
She started right up the very next day
And for four more years she never did sway.

Is it possible to say we lost a true friend
Who stood beside us to the very end?
An inanimate object to which we adore
Til Carma showed up, now Destiny’s no more.

Luke 2: 29 Lord, now lettest thou thy servant depart in peace, according to thy word:

Author’s note: Destiny is the name of our truck that was recently totaled in a collision.
While we understand it was ‘just a truck’, she meant so much more to us both.
Praise God, no one was hurt!
 She served us well!
RIP Destiny


Tiggs said...

I believe we become very attached to these inanimate objects that take us through our lives and keep us safe in this crazy world--In Destiny's case--the crazy drivers on the road--even in an accident, she kept all safe!

joni said...

She was a good and stoic truck! :)

It was her time.

benning said...