Friday, September 06, 2013

Inspiration to Write

Now that I’ve made the decision to write, where do I find the inspiration to write and WHAT do I write?

Well first I go to the forum threads at LinkedIn, my new hangout. Topics abound on many different subjects and many ideas for writing topics spring up in my head. I thought about heading into WVU to take some online classes but I’m not ready to immerse myself into that yet.

While Writers Village University is my first love, the dedication I had to the site was lost and I’m having a heck of a time in getting back there. I find I can’t concentrate too well there. I still have ‘friends’ there but getting into a class and writing is just not in me yet. Maybe one day WVU will creep back in like the writing bug? Maybe I’ll find delight in going to class and sharing my writing once again, but for now I think I’ll stick to blog posts and poetry.

I’ve been with LinkedIn for quite a few years now but never felt like a real participant in the community forums. On the site, there are so many writers there it kinda makes your head spin. I’m not talking about wannabe writers, many are published writers, editors, and anything you need to know about writing is found there.

I find great discussions going on way out of my league because these folk seem to have MFA degrees and Bachelor degrees, and slim pickings for the wannabe’s like me. At least at WVU we all seem to be on the same level trying to acquire knowledge and grow as a writer from what we learn there.

While I don’t find inspiration at WVU, there are many that have, if you’re in the right clique. As many of you know, I’m not into cliques and all they stand for. I find more isolation in cliques than inspiration and I think that may be what drove me away to begin with. I’ve always fit into my blogging experience. It’s my haven where I can write share and possibly inspire folk.

I’ve met some great people via the blogosphere and even though you don’t see comments from them all, I know they’re there. They’ll read whatever they can and when I write something that triggers a response, they’ll comment. Other than that, I’m in an isolation booth, the Cone of Silence if you will, where I do all the talking in silent mode, they do the listening in an audience mode and this, my friends, is where our minds meet.

Back to the topic: Inspiration. Where do you find it? For me at this juncture, it has been in the forum groups at Linked In. They ask a question, and people intelligently respond and I feed off of their knowledge. I have written because of them and it is because of them I jumped back in the saddle.

I normally don’t contribute to the topic because most of what is said are things I would have said, so my input isn’t necessary. But I do find it as inspiring as watching the sunrise over the treetops, or the wind bustling through the trees, or the rain (rare to see this year) but rain none the less is definitely an inspiration-filled day.

Inspiration can be found on many different levels; in words, nature, forums and discussions. You just need to see words for all they’re worth and to me words are hidden gemstones of inspirational writing.

What inspires you to write? You don’t have to answer, just mull over the thought for a bit, be inspired and WRITE!


benning said...

Just about anything can provide writing inspiration. At least for me. It ain't the inspiration, it's the danged will! ;)

joni said...

Oh, I've got the will. It's the sidetracking of my OCPD.

I'll be writing then think, "Those clothes/dishes/whatever need to be done." I'll do a chore and write WHILE I'm choring around the house. lol

Marlene Cronkhite said...

For me, inspiration comes from within. Many times I have been overly inspired to write or paint and, as you mentioned in you blog, groups or "clicks" can kill the inspiration in a nanosecond if you let it. I have almost sworn off groups because of this. Can't stand the games and the backstabbing. But I am interested in the Linkin writing group you talked about.

joni said...

Thanks Marli.
And here I thought I was alone in my beliefs on the 'clique' thing.

Are you a member of LinkedIn???
They have so many groups that I'm subscribed to, again, not really an active member but their words DO inspire me. :)

Go to linkedin and join one or many of the writing groups they have to offer.

June, benning, birdie just to name a few are all on LinkedIn too! :)

I've joined Authors/writers/publishers group and Writer's Cafe group to name a few. Hope to see you there.

Tiggs said...

Sometimes I wish the OCPD would kick in for me--LOL, by I guess it just isn't part of me when it comes to keeping this place "neat." I would rather be here reading, trying to write, interacting with my friends here in the electronic world.

I attest cliques! You are not alone. And these cliques are EVERYWHERE! One reason I struggle to get along with other "live" people. Way too much gossip and backstabbing. I have experienced them in work and church. I left a job because of the cliques. I was actually reprimanded and shunned, because I refused to be part of the gossiping, backstabbing clique.

I am one of those "wanabe" writers--learning to find my inspiration--and then just let the story write its self. I tend to let my logical side over think everything--this really inhibits getting anything on "paper." Strong emotions, or a beautiful scene can be inspiration for me.

Benning--maybe you just need a good kick in the behind to get to work! :P

I know the 1st, and only, F2K I finished, I had Mar as my mentor. She did a great job at just really pushing me to "get it done" and "POST!" She didn't let me slack off one bit.

Love ya, Joni--And feel blessed to "know" you.

Keep using your gift--God will and is using it to reach others--even if you don't see it.

Sometimes I think writing (especially that to inspire) can be a lot like teaching--often we teachers (Especially Special Needs Teachers) just plant the seeds of learning--we often do not get to see the growth our students make. Then, maybe, later we might get a message or see them and find the beautiful person they have become--part from what you unconditionally gave during the short time you had them.

I will have to check out those LinkedIn groups to see what I can learn by lurking :)

Sorry--I do tend to ramble when I do "write"

joni said...

Hey, I figured it out. That is why I don't like writing in the summer. I'm off gardening, planting seeds and all that.

School gets back in session, cooler weather, writing kicks back in and I do my cool weather gardening, writing, planting seeds for everyone.

Love you too, Tigs! It is so great meeting people in the virtual world. :D

I will never fit into a clique! I'm too busy being ME! :)