Thursday, September 05, 2013

Back in the Saddle Again

Back in the saddle…again.

So all my blog followers know, I fell off the horse (metaphorically speaking) and have to get back in the saddle. I was hit pretty hard in the writing gut, and I didn’t want to come back to the writing world. But as all of you know (that are writers) you can’t just brush it off like lint on a sweater.

No, writing is in your blood whether your want it to be or not. It will pull and tug at you until you put SOMETHING, anything on paper/computer. It’s been calling me slowly back and my poetry is what I started with as you can see with some of my recent posts of poems.

I’ve had ideas for blog posts swirling in my head like a mad twister crossing the farm. I want to take it slowly and that is why I’m starting with poetry. My poetry is closer to me than any fiction tale I could write. I figure if my beau can get published, just for the fun of it, I think I can intentionally try, right?

I tried taking the f2k class offered from WVU back in June, but my son needed an emergency procedure done, taking six weeks healing time and that cut me right out of the f2k session. I won’t apologize for putting my son first before writing, since no one else on this God’s green earth thinks of him, I most certainly do! Yes my writing is important to me, but always, my son comes first.

I figured with him getting back to school, his senior year I might add, I thought now would be a fine time to get back into writing. I started with, to me, some cheesy crappy poems, next up some blog posts, and then I’ll work on getting something published.

There ya go, I’ve set goals for myself and I think that is all-important to accomplishing things, whether it’s writing or cleaning the house. I’d like to get back to my other blog of the story of my life too. It hit too close to home and dredged up some bitter memories for me, so I halted it, feeling I was divulging too much. When you write too truthfully that it hurts, then it’s time to step back and take a break.

With fall and cooler weather headed my way, I won’t be relinquished to mowing, vacuuming and cleaning, days on end! I think I’ve got OCPD, (not to be confused with the repetitive actions of OCD) OCPD just means I have a Compulsive Personality disorder, among other things wrong with me. I love it clean and luckily my beau does too, so we’re both clean freaks!

While my house is ‘walk-in unexpectedly’ clean, I can now focus more on my writing. I’m sure y’all will benefit from it too. I’m also sure y’all have heard it before but remember, I was coming from a very hurt place and now I feel I’m more healed and ready than ever. I’m not doing it for comments, I’m doing it for ME!

Remember these words: “When you fall outta the saddle, get your butt back in the saddle, and ride like the wind!”


benning said...

"Welcome home!" ~ Your Writing Urge


joni said...

And you're the only one who seems to care that it was even missing and I had to find it again.

Well, you and Tigs! :D

benning said...

Nahhh, but I leave a comment! LOL :D

joni said...

Yeah, what-ev-errrrr! :P

You care, so THERE! :D

Tiggs said...

You know I have missed your writing--You and your writing are an inspiration to me--and always will be!

Another note--your family (son) should always come first.

On the OCPD--would you like to come clean my house? LOL That is one thing I DON'T have. Our place definitely looks "lived" in. Mind you it is "Clean", just very cluttered.

joni said...

Aww I appreciate that Tigs, more than you know! (((HUGS))) I actually FEEL like writing again and THAT'S a good sign! :)

Yeah, sometimes kids are like that, making us prioritize and all that. lol

Trust me, if you lived close to me, I would come and clean for you. I've done it all my life. lol I did my mother's, grandmothers, sister, an elderly friend. I just love cleaning!(We'd schedule a clutter-free day) :D

My body is telling me enough is enough already, but THAT doesn't stop me from being a clean freak! lol