Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Stalker

A stalker is someone who pursues game, prey, or a person stealthily.

So why am I doing a stalker posts?
Because I catch some people obsessively watching me on facebook (or other sites around the web), never showing their face, but you know they’re there hanging off of every word you say. I’m not an obsessive person (unless it’s cleaning the house) or a stalker but I do lurk and see who is watching and who is obsessing, and WHO is learning from me.

Twitter abounds with people ‘following’ you, and Facebook calls it ‘friend request’, while I like to call it a stalkers milieu. This is where you LOL. Don’t you find it odd that people friend request you, then watch everything you do? It’s a voyeurs dream; a hidden place to safely stalk people from a distance, far enough that they can’t see you, but close enough to give off a creeper vibe? And I even noticed a new thing on FB, a button that says ‘follow’! My goodness, talk about paranoia! These places are a breeding ground for it.

I have two places I hang at on Facebook, one for family and one for my writing friends. It’s odd but I feel safer among my writing friends who come from around the globe: Malaysia, Argentina, Italy, UK, to Florida and many more of the other 50 states. Whereas on my family page, where I have local friends to family dispersed throughout the US. I feel creeped out on my family page! I see family posting on other people’s walls. I see them LIKING what other people post, but me? They act as if I have the plague and avoid me at all cost. Sometimes I just want to run and get away. I do…to my other safer page.

They’re quietly lurking but never comment. They’re watching but never letting me know they’re there. It’s like living in the Norman Bates Psycho house at the top of the hill, just waiting for the people from the Bates Motel down below to arrive at your doorstep. And creepier is when someone uses things I say/post on facebook as a sword to fight with and use against me! Get a life! I’m not there for you creeper!

And when did facebook become a political venue? I think by posting all that crap, like Obama being the antichrist, gun control, PETA attacks, etc. is really undermining my own intelligence in being able to actually read the news myself! I read the news, I’m intelligent enough to know GOSSIP and unworthy hate-filled postings to know NOT to repost, NOT to click like and NOT to be suckered into believing everything I read! I thought FB was a place to socialize, share fun, uplifting and inspiring posts? It is losing it’s fun real quick!

And like my blog here. I know family and friends are visiting, but they would never be seen commenting, not on MY blog. Wow, what a support system! I do understand that not all have a google account and can’t figure out how to comment anonymously, but the ones that can, won’t comment. Nope, only dear friends who support my writing dream; those who understand what it means to support you as you strive for a goal.

Hey, I would even take a comment of “good post” if they haven’t a clue to what I’m trying to teach or say! And any time I’ve opened the comments, I’m hit with spammers, commenting but not without and ad/spam under the comment! But I’ve decided since diving back into writing, that Facebook, Twitter and my blog is not about comments or conforming to others ways, it’s about stalking and lurking. Me? I’ll just WRITE!

My rant for the day, thank you.


benning said...

*lurk lurk lurk!* ;)

Obama is the Antichrist? Yikes! :O As I tell people when I hear that, if you think he's (or Saddam Hussein, or Ronald Reagan, or whomever) the Antichrist ... first, you haven't really read the Prophecies. Second, if you think you can identify the Antichrist, then you have ... wait for it! ... missed the Rapture! These are the same foolish people who have always been with us. :)

As for political/religious posts? *Meh!* If I agree, I like 'em, if not, I ignore 'em. No biggie.

I hope I ain't one of yer lurkers, Ma'am.

*lurk lurk lurk*

Write! Whoo-Hoo! :D <3

joni said...

Ben, you're on my writing page, you're safe.

As for the political posts? There is someone, a few actually on my other page who posts for an entire eight hours, five or six an hour, to me, HATE (political) posts!

And someone is stalking me there, I'd bet my bottom button!

My goodness! And you don't lurk, you comment and LIKE! :)

Thanks buddy!

benning said...

Welcome, Ma'am! :)

I know that for some folks the FB pages are the only real voice they have. Unfortunately some of them are LOUD, and some of them are quite VILE! Even Twitter has become a place of - as you say - lurking, stalking, and so on. "That's why we can't have nice things!"

No matter what the venue, there are always those few who won't be happy until they've soiled it. Sad. :(

Rant on! <3 :D

joni said...

I thought the only 'real voice' on facebook and twitter is your very own.

So my voice is bible quotes and positivity. Everyone else is filled with hate? Except BobH, he is filled with cappuccino! lol

I do know one thing, you find out a lot about people by what they post. I think the quote "You are what you eat." Should step aside for, "You are what you post."

So dang sad!