Friday, September 13, 2013

Another Secret Hideout -- Goodreads

Goodreads is another secret hideout. Well I don’t think it’s a secret because they have thousands of people on there of all ages running the halls!

Goodreads is basically a site for book readers and everything books. It’s where you read a book, post that you’ve read it, and share with others their thoughts on the book. You also list the amount of books you’ve read in the past and rate them; catalogue your library of books, post book reviews, and connect virtually with book lovers, quizzes and games.

You can also create lists of your genre. Lists of your favorites

You can join a book challenge, where you list the amount of books you’re going to read in say a years time. It sets you on your goal of reading that amount of books and it holds you to it too!

Steven likes it for the widgets he can place on his audiobook blog, like ‘What I’m Currently Reading’. He’s really into The Neverending Book Quiz, you guessed it, a quiz about books that never ends. He tells me you can put in your own questions to ask, and actually look at who is getting the questions you’ve asked right. He also claims it is “Rollicking good fun.” His words, not mine! I imagine him skipping through the site tossing daisies as he ‘rollicks’. (Doesn’t take much to amuse him when it comes to books and sci-fi, eh?)  In my words it’s a pretty cool site, but I’ve not used it as much as he has because honestly, he listens to more books!

There is also the chance to become a librarian!!! He likes that, too. Yes, of course he IS one on there! He has the power to fix things, where he might see a typo of some sort, or like an author was listed wrong on the reviewers post. Power I tell you, and if you’re a man or woman who likes power, then the Librarian is the job for you. (no pay, just good honest joy in the written word.)

I have 26 friends and listed that I’ve read 130 books. The leader of my friends is Julia with 802 books read, Steven, who only lists books he reviews, is at 387, and Benning is in third with 217 books. It’s really fun to watch your friends chart their reading habits.

It’s a nice place where you connect with friends, so far for me it is 26 WVU friends. And like Linked In they have groups that branch off into discussion forums, where you discuss books! Now remember this is about books or audiobooks, which I myself feel like that is cheating because you can listen to three or four books a week where you can maybe only read one page-turning real hard copy of a book in a week.  But still, a listen or a read, a book is a book. It’s all-good, books are books and no matter how you get them read, you’re a reader!

You might ask why I, as a writer, would be found on a book social scene. Well because the last time I checked, writer’s WRITE books, and we’re all about books, so why not be a part of the reading community that may one day read my book, review it and discuss it? Sounds like a win/win situation to me.

Go on…find out for yourself how addictive these sites, LinkedIn and Goodreads, are. It has been a pleasure sharing!


benning said...

As with all things Internet-ty, the Trolls have also found Good Reads. So don't take the negative book reviews too seriously. Turns out the reviews are being used, much as Amazon's reviews, as weapons against 'rival' authors. :(

Otherwise a not-bad place to linger. :D

Hi, Steven! :)

joni said...

Steven? Where? Wha'? lol

He's another one who lurks and never comments! ;)

S'okay, I have my 'number one fan'. LOL

I bet he does reviews for amazon too! lol

Anyway, I'm pretty proud of myself, an entire weeks worth of posts!! Woohoo!!! :D

I'm on a roll!!!

benning said...

Whoo-Hoo! :D

joni said...

And I'm working on next weeks posts! :)

The writing bug has bitten me once again!!!