Sunday, September 01, 2013

Poetry Sunday ~ Fields of Green

Pss. 102: 7 I watch, and am as a sparrow alone upon the house top.

Fields of Green

I no longer feel that I belong
I’m out on the farm all alone.
Washing over the fields so green
No more do I feel I’m my own.

I’m distant from the child I knew
The one who weathered the storms
I’m just a woman who day by day
Wakes up and mechanically performs.

My life was in the big city
Tall buildings; concrete domes
Paved roads and business mecca’s
Lined streets with towering homes.

Commotion was on every corner.
My mother and father were near.
I felt a part of a bloodline
Now no longer is anyone here.

Sure I’m made to feel family
I’m treated with love and care.
But often I feel an outsider
Not one secret worthy to share.

I’ll wallow here in self-pity,
While everyone's called to serve.
I’ll sit alone with fields of green
Wondering why I chose to swerve.


Tiggs said...

I feel like you wrote this about me. Great emotion written and felt.

joni said...

Thanks Tigs.
I think this this has come from a long summer.

A very emotion-filled summer couple that with the heat and BAM, I write poetry. :)