Tuesday, September 24, 2013

When Lies Become Truth

Pss 33:4 For the word of the LORD is right; and all his works are done in truth.

You’re a bold writer who can take the truth, twist it into your truth, then sell it to the public overwhelming them into believing your truth is THEE truth.

Take for example UFO’s. You pick up the paper, or should I say you turn on your computer (no one reads the Newspaper these days) and there you see it, UFO spotted here, or UFO spotted there, UFO this, UFO that.  You then begin to believe that UFO’s actually exist!

Then they go on to show you the scientific proof of their existence so again, you begin to believe them to be true because science can’t be wrong, can it? Of course not, it’s science! Even when the government pipes in saying, “It was a weather balloon,” or “It was a TOP SECRET government drill.” Nobody believes the government these days, so people are more apt to believe what the scientists have to say and the eyewitness accounts become more plausible.

Me, being a writer, likes to do research on the matter and form my own truth not something someone wants to sell me. How do I form my own truth? I weigh the pros and cons, never accepting something as truth unless I can find how it relates to my life in a biblical sense. I measure it against my biblical beliefs. My biblical beliefs are formed on what God has shown me through the years, not what a book has told me to believe. To each his own, right?

Where do I stand on UFO’s? I believe that UFO’s are a form of satan wanting to distract us from God. It looks to me he can be very convincing and has quite a few scientist wrapped around his little finger. They feed us lies; we believe them.

Writer’s have readers wrapped around their little finger also. They write lies and there are a few who actually believe it. Take for example the man who had a Tell All book as Oprah’s book club pick. He was on national television telling you a lie and not only did viewers buy it, Oprah was duped into believing the lie too!

Later it was PROVEN to be a lie, and he recanted the story saying it was all made up. It sold millions of copies, so millions were conned into believing his truth! Writer’s have that sword and they wield it to suit themselves.

Take the bible for example. It is made up of stories from well over a thousand years ago and to this day it still stands the test of time. Instead of scientists proving it to be a long drawn out fairytale, they in effect are proving the truth of God’s existence. Disproving the Bible is a challenge to them.

We as believers believe the Bible to be the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help me God. (Yes THAT term is still said in a court of law) Why? If the Bible is all a lie, why do so many believe it to be the truth?

This is why, as a writer, I need to give you the whole truth. Not a portion, not one I made up myself, not one that scientists feed me, a truth I derive from the very Book that has been delivering TRUTH for centuries.

While I may offend some writers with this logic, please know it is my logic and I’m not forcing you to believe anything I say. Chuckle if you want. Just know, you as a writer hold something in your hand that can shape a persons mind. Wield the sword lightly. Words can help or hurt, the choice is yours.


Tiggs said...

It is interesting how the government wants all things to do with God out of EVERYTHING--fighting and trying to make us believe it is all lies, yet they still use the Bible to swear on as the foundational truth.

joni said...

They just want to appear to be 'politically correct' on EVERYthing
knowing full well it is a web of lies.

Thanks For following this week long series. You're a brave woman! :)

My sincerest thanks!

benning said...

Chuck Missler would agree with you about UFOs. Lies of Satan. And why not? He is the Prince of the Power of the air. I'm wondering now about the latest from NASA claiming they have found some sort of proof of life on Mars. Hah!

The Prince of Lies can do 'all things' to fool the Faithful. But he won't be as successful as he wishes. :D

joni said...

Satan is out in full force these days!

And WoW, Chuck would agree? Go figure!