Sunday, September 08, 2013

Poetry Sunday ~ Called to Serve

Luke 2: 37 And she was a widow of about fourscore and four years, which departed not from the temple, but served God with fastings and prayers night and day.

Called to Serve

I’m not called to serve the Lord
I’ve prayed for a task to be known.
All I get is, “Sit and wait.”
“There’s time for things to be shown.”

I sit and wait for the Earth to crack
like an egg on the edge of the pan.
Something big will erupt for sure
my service will come with His plan.

As I’m told to sit and wait
sweltering heat drags by.
Days on end the news is bleak
the earth is about to fry.

Is my work to be done public
or hidden from all eyes?
Will my service be a blessing
received only in disguise?

I know I’ll spread love around
silencing the speakers of hate
A positive force will flow from me
with a velocity so great!

Maybe my job is to change the hearts
of men who are full of distaste.
Maybe my job is done from within
Where it makes its way in haste.


benning said...

Well, this is public. :D

"Man plans, and God laughs." ! Old saying

*Hugs!* Keep writing! :D

joni said...

Is this considered a public service to God???

"Man speaks, Joni laughs." My saying! lol

And btw, is that YOUR quote by any chance? OLD saying and all. :P

benning said...

No, not mine. I wish it was! LOL :D

joni said...

Well you are old and all! :P
(kidding) :)

Tiggs said...

I believe your writing is a gift from God that touches MANY!

That is a service to God.

I have been praying for about two years now to be able to be back into ministry--*health issues took me out* an finding a new church where we live now.

God has finally answered--not exactly as I had "thought" he would or planned on, but I have taken the jump both feet into the new ministry he is giving me at my church.

joni said...

Thanks Tigs!

I often feel I never do enough for the Lord but then realize I DO do enough. I should be content in knowing He uses me, small or large things, He uses lil ol me! :)

And Praise the Lord, He is working for you too!!!