Monday, September 23, 2013

Truth in Tales

Pss. 30:9 What profit is there in my blood, when I go down to the pit? Shall the dust praise thee? shall it declare thy truth?

Have you ever read Hansel and Gretal? Well, I’m sure at some point you have, if not yourself maybe for your child? Did you ever wonder if the world they lived in was real?

Writers have a tendency to write fiction that comes off as an intricate world of fairytale imagery. I often wonder where the truth is and sometimes I won’t even read it because of the frivolous lie that I’m trying to be forced into.

Take for example sci-fi. I am no fan of sci-fi for the very reason that the conjured worlds I can not really climb into and envision myself. When I read a book I like to envision myself running through the field/street scene and with sci-fi, I can never seemingly grasp running on Mars.

Another example is vampire stories. Now I know there are millions of fans who love a good vampire story. They love the fantasy world, climb into it, and relish all the dark substances that it entails. I don’t like them and I know there are actually people who drink blood and think these vampire tales to be some sort of truth to them. I bet there is even some sort of statistical facts that can prove their existence. I’m not interested. Don’t inundate me with false truths.

Years ago the possibility of life on Mars was an impossibility and recent scientific studies show that life on Mars will become a probability. Maybe some of your sci-fi tales will become a reality. But no, I don’t believe vampires are real, so don’t try to sell me that tale.

I know some people like the occult and I myself, when I was a young child, dove into those tales thinking them to be truth. I quickly had to ride out of those childhood fantasies and hold onto something that was truth just to keep my sanity.

I remember watching The Lost Boys and I so wanted vampires to be real. It was a stimulating arousal wanting Keifer to suck on my neck and make me one with him. My disillusion quickly faded when I found God. Now I know some of you Christians out there can read those non truths and walk with God at the same time, but me, I don’t feel complete. So I don’t read fantasies like The DaVinci Code or Salem’s Lot.

Some will tell me that the DaVinci Code was based on scientific studies and proof, but to me, it is a book full of lies wanting to distract me from the truth. That’s what fantasy is to me, a demonizing of truth. I prefer non-fiction, or at least a fiction based on a true story, than read about, fill my mind with, hunger, for lies!

As you can imagine I was pretty upset as a young child being told that Santa was not real, or the Tooth Fairy or the Easter Bunny for that matter. I felt that it was a betrayal and no, maybe I never did get over it because now, I don’t like lies or fantasy tales.

As a writer we’re supposed to be open to fiction. It’s what we do, write lies in hopes someone walks away loving it.

My truths are not your truths, nor yours mine, and I’m okay with that, but please don’t try to sell me on your truths when mine are already formed. It’s demeaning to me as a human being. 

I read what I like to read, you read what you like to read. As humans we’re allowed that, to be different. I don’t force my beliefs on you, please refrain from trying to force your beliefs on me.

You read me because I obviously have written something that you WANTED to read. You stay away because I obviously DON’T have something you want to read. Granted this post makes absolutely no sense, but that’s okay, in the coming days you might put it all together and it will make sense.

My point being this week will be, truth and all that means to us as writers who are trying to sell the story to the public. Readers want something to hold onto as truth; to carry with them throughout the day or their life. We as writer’s are obligated to give them that.


Debbie Seko said...

We all have different dislikes, but the Word says there is a way that seems right to man but the way there of is death, or something close to that. I too have never been much for sci-fi or fantasy-or vampires. It does make you wonder if there were no such type of movies/books how would it affect the world in general....hmmm less influence on young minds perhaps... hmmm maybe there's a story there.


joni said...

You know, television is my next thing to pick on! ;)

They worry so much about 'gun control' I think they forget WHY a kid would want one! From all they see in movies, tv, books, daggone makes me want one. ;)

Tiggs said...

I have to admit that I do like fantasy and some limited Sci-Fi, but NOT all this Vampires and such "stuff". (I have another word, but chose not to use it here)

Like Debbie says (Granny, Right?) we all have our own likes and dislikes. And the Bible says that what may not hinder one, will hinder another in their walk--so each must follow what allows them to follow His path--Others are told to not hinder others.

I don't mind others suggesting "good" books to me--but them I check them out myself and decide if I want to read them or not. Nothing should be pushed on another--books, religion, TV....

You are so right about "Why" kids want guns!

joni said...

Steven LOVES those campy vamp stories (to a degree) but he also Super LOVES sci-fi. And he's a big comic book fan too (Marvel, DC, the works) As for me, I don't like any of it. (I DO like Batman though, lol)

Yes, Deb= gran. :) Smart lady! :)

And you're right, no one should hinder another persons path because it is THEIR path.

I was hindered this week, and it sparked this week long series.

Inspiration comes in many ways. ;)

benning said...

Of course Zombies are now the 'Big Thing'. Bleahh! :)

joni said...

Not for me! :)