Friday, September 20, 2013

My New Toy

For a couple of days now I’ve tried to upload pics to my blog, to no avail. I’ve sought help but nothing came that was of any value and no help was found. I’m not tech savvy and anyone who knows me knows, I HATE computers, the net, hypocrites and negativity.
Adam told me it was in the server (he’s becoming tech savvy! That’s his plans for his future, Graphic Design.)

Anyway, I wrote to google and as many have said, they never get any kind of response, but I took a shot at submitting my problem to them. (LOL! I submitted, Ben!)

Well I woke this morning and went to see if my ‘scheduled’ blog was posted. Sure enough it was, no pic mind you, but it made it. This is the new toy I speak of. Scheduling post and pic arrangement!

I’ve always posted pics at the top of my blog, but never on the side or within the posting. With a little help from another tech savvy person, I figured it out and got it done! As you can see in a few previous posts, the pic is within the words to the left? Woohoo! Yay me!
I can move them around to the left, to the right, to the top! This is a great accomplishment for me as you can imagine. Not being technologically adept, you can see how something this small can excite me. It’s my new toy to ‘play’ with as I prioritize my time on FB and other social networks.

It has come to my attention that I WOULD be missed if I ‘cut off’ the social scene, sorry for the poor choice of words. (I’m a writer, I should know better!) What I meant to say was, I need to prioritize my time, so that I’m spending more time with my writing dream than I am playing in the playground with my friends. You know what I mean? When your child is spending too much time in his room gaming, don’t you just want to say, get out there and play in the real world?

Well living out here in the middle of nowhere and his school friends being at least 17 miles away, it’s just not an option for him. As for me, my only time to get out IS on FB to meet up with my friends. (Thanks Stena for the reminder!) They are such an inspiration to my writing life, cutting them off would be like severing a finger or something! A gruesome thought!

My other new toy is scheduling posts. I always schedule my poetry Sunday because on Sunday mornings my time is better spent getting ready for church, not worrying about the shenanigans going on at FB. But recently, since the writing bug has bitten me again, I’ve been writing post after post, for two weeks straight now. This is a good sign to me!

I’ve been scheduling them in advance! That is so cool! If the weather knocks out my net, my posts will still arrive. If I lose things because I didn’t back up my files, the post will have a home.

And today as I checked to see if I could post a pic yet, voila! I can! Adam was right (he loved hearing that) maybe it WAS within the server. Well wouldn’t ya know, google has served me well, thank you GOOGLE AND friends!!!


benning said...

Gumballs? You posted gumballs?

Sheesh! Hmmph!

Tell Adam, "Nice work!" :D

Gum balls. :P

joni said...

Oh shush!
I was having fun, yeah FUN, with my pics! :P

I didn't have one of marbles, as in 'I've lost my marbles' so gumballs, colorful mixed up GUMBALLS! lol

joni said...

p.s. I didn't have one of my own m&m pics, what am I, a freak? LOL!

Tiggs said...

Yeah, Joni!

Although I am "pretty" tech savvy, when it comes to blogs--I am a beginner in making them work. I didn't even know you could "schedule" a post.

Yeah Stena! (My Sis) Glad she got through to you that you WOULD be missed and it IS ok to have some playtime on FB!

I am glad that you are making more time for your writing AND that you are enjoying it again.

Debbie Seko said...

cool beans! :)
I've been reading but haven't had time to comment, trying to catch up. Every day we learn something is a day not wasted!
Good work.

joni said...

Enjoy playing catch up. I enjoy the company!

Even with my new toys I've been writing a lot! Not allowing distractions to get in my way.

Thanks! :)