Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Truth Shall Set You Free

I’m not sitting on a high horse of preaching this week, I’m just trying to show you that in writing, readers can see through any lies that you dish out. If you try to con a person into believing what you say to be true, you better have some hard evidence on where you’re coming from.

I don’t mean for you to search google to find the truth, I mean research everything you know to be truth because if it is shallow truths from google, you’re surely going to be caught in the web of lies.

By doing the research for your readers, the truth will set you free and the reader free in allowing them to open up to your words and trusting what you have to say. If you are not sure if it is solid truth you stand on, then you better have something to back up in the way of proving your stance.

This is usually why I stand on biblical truth. As far as I know God doesn’t lie. He doesn’t dish out half-truths and He doesn’t stand on sand to build you a story He needs you to hear. He built the scripture on a solid foundation so that you KNOW it is truth.

There are some non-believers and even believers who feel like God made a few mistakes in delivering His message or maybe they weren’t documented well enough. I know in some places the bible is meant to be taken metaphorical and not literal in meaning. Like the term ‘eye for an eye’, I don’t think that for one second God intended for us to go around and pluck people’s eyes out because they offended you. We’d live in a blind society for sure.

In writing we need to use metaphors but to the extent people understand that you are metaphorically speaking. Know your metaphors and use them wisely. Know your truths and keep them to yourself. Know your friends and be aware of the your enemies.

Psalm 18:39 You have armed me with strength for the battle; you have subdued my enemies under my feet

The truth will set you free. Is that a metaphor or something? How will truth set you free? Are we all just imprisoned by lies?

As I’m disliked for my views, persecuted for Christ, I will stand tall knowing I’m not a hypocrite who pretends and hates on people because of their beliefs. I love all, forgive all and if anything I learned in being battered, is turn the other cheek. I’ve run plum out of cheeks to be slapped on but it’s okay, I have God and He is more than enough for me!

The TRUTH does set you free.

God Bless!


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