Friday, August 27, 2010

Another one bites the dust

Job 16:3 Shall vain words have an end? or what emboldeneth thee that thou answerest?
Well it has officially come to an end. Next Wednesday the boards will be swept clean like old cobwebs moved out of the attic. F2K ends another successful session, and October is when the next class will be available to anyone interested.

I’ll post more as we near the date, like the registration link to WVU’s (Writers Village University) F2K! It’s a free writing course and a successful FREE writing course for 15 years now and still going strong.

This session was a positive experience in that, at the close of the doors, we still had  well over fifty people active in their sixth lesson. Normally as we near the sixth week, the classrooms dwindle down to maybe four or five a room, and some rooms are left empty with one student and that student walks the halls looking for a person to critique his/her work.

Not this time, oh no. We’ve had a surge of students and they liked the new format so much, they stayed on so they didn’t miss anything exciting that was happening. Besides the drama of a bad apple who wanted to spoil everyone’s learning, we soared to new heights this session and I’m happy to report the bad apple went foul and was never seen/heard from again. So that’s why he waited until lesson six! Poor little man, had nothing better to do with his life so he attacked me. I pray for him and hope it made him feel like the BIG man on campus. (as little as he appeared)

I hold onto things in a big way. I’m always telling my son to ‘let things go’ and Steven is always telling me ‘just let it go’, but I have a tendency to hold onto things like gum on a shoe. It just sticks with me.

Words from my son:
Adam says, “I’m scarred, inside.”
Mom replies, “It’ll get better, you’ll heal.”
“No mom, scars don’t heal. They stay there, see?” he says pointing to a big scar on his leg. “They never go away, you just have to live with it.”

So this is why I hold onto things that have hurt me in the past? I’m scarred and the scar is never going away, I just have to deal with it? Hmm.. gives me something to think about.

But on a happier note, F2k and the new format (graciously bows to Bob Hembree), with all its groups, discussions along with the fun ability to post pictures, and the NEW certificate of completion, is a triumphant success.

“Writer’s write right, and leaders lead... creators create and artist succeed!” ~joni


June said...

WAHOOOO, Joni! I'm delighted to hear that F2K is thriving and growing...

I miss all you guys and gals, miss mentoring.

The new format is wonderful and I love that there's a certificate now.

joni said...

Miss you too June! :(

The WVU board will be switching over soon too, so be on the lookout. :)

Thanks for stopping by in your busy day to visit ME! :) Woohoo!

M. SUE said...

Adam is wise beyond his years in his explanation of scarring! Yes, we learn to live with it, but some scars literally do tug now and then, causing an unwanted reminder. May yours be more like where a broken bone has healed...stronger in that spot than the original bone structure was!
About F2K ~ I have never had a better experience. I hated for it to end, but you know what? For me, it won't end! I have many new friends who plan to stay in my life and continue to be writer encouragers, some of whom will continue with me through WVU that I have joined. I have also signed up for the October F2K, looking forward to learning more while meeting still more wonderful folks! Yesterday at my yearly oncologist's visit (12 years now!), he asked, "Are you still writing?" Oh, am I still writing!

joni said...

Well Sue, Adam is learning from the best. :)
He's very wise for his young age, much like his mother in many ways. And yes, we are stronger because of our 'scars'. They may never go away but with time they fade and you hardly know they're there. :)

I'm glad you had a positive experience at f2k! I knew you would. Not many folk walk away unhappy, unless they walked IN unhappy in the first place!

Have a blessed evening! :)