Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Getting Organized

Job 33: 5 If thou canst answer me, set thy words in order before me, stand up.
To whom it may concern, Joni is in deep need of getting organized. Last week was an emotional roller coaster ride of a week and I think the fog has cleared this week allowing me to see what I must do.

First let me say, Adam aced his first History test! YES! Proud mom! I knew he could do it, he wasn’t so certain but he did it! YAY Adam!

So I decided to dig in and look for my stories I want revised, tweaked and submitted. Lo and behold I found a disorganized mess! I’m always saying, “Organize!” June is always piping in, “Get organized.” And sometimes I hear these voices but time and clouds in the brain just were not allowing me to get organized.

This week is much clearer with cooler temps too. I looked out the window and the first falling leaves have begun their descent to cluttering the lawn. The grass is growing still and may just get its last mow this week, and my files are in such disarray I’m having trouble finding those amazing stories I had for publication! Oh my!

My files look like my lawn actually; cluttered and disarray is an understatement. So what do I need to do this week? I promised June I would get writing after Adam started school. I didn’t know I was going to be such a mess last week. But before I can get writing, I need to get organized. Why?

Organizing will get me focused on what I need to do; what I will be able to write; and where I go from here. After I find all my work I’m placing it in a priority file, then I’ll find other work and put that in a WIP file (work in progress), then I will begin submitting so I’ll have a file titled submissions with the time, date and who I’ve submitted to. This should help my clutter immeasurably.

I’m ready to move forward in my writing and getting organized is what’s going to shape the next couple of months. In life and in work, organizing can only mean that you are growing in the fact that knowing you need this organization, your leap into the crazy world will be much easier.

My house is spic-n-span so why aren’t my files? Because I’ve been too busy to even notice that they were getting sloppy. “Okay Joni, brush off the moss under your butt and get moving. Times a wasting and all you can do is sit here and write?”  Joni replied, “But it’s my blog about writing!”

Ahh... I’m glad this place is organized. *deep sigh of relief*


June said...

June checking in! Way to go, Joni!

Great plan to get organized and get all those stories and things in order.

And what comes after organizing? Hmmmmm....(You know!)

June said...

Great about Adam's history test! Tell him: CONGRATULATIONS! :)

joni said...

Any time I mention your name, it's like you know someone has talked about you. lol

Getting organized, and then...the lovely submission process.

That's what my plan is! :)

joni said...

Thanks June!

He's happy and I'm happy, that's all that matters. :)

M. SUE said...

Hi Joni~
Happy news you have shared here! Be sure Adam knows we are proud of his accomplishments! (And yours at helping him reach this point in his climb.)
About the organization,you might want to check out: She offers a free planning guide for organization that I found quite interesting. I have a 3" notebook filled as a result of divisions from her suggestions. I'm great at organizing; now if I could just fill the writing portions as well!
I wish you the best!

joni said...

Thanks Sue,
Even if it is only my internet friends, myself, and Adam that are holding our heads upright in joy for the mere fact that he is doing well,I'll settle for that. :)

I'll have to check the link out! THANKS!!:)