Friday, August 06, 2010

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Matt. 19:26 But Jesus beheld them, and said unto them, With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible.
Well it has been a week or so since I’ve really blogged. I keep up on my Quotation Saturday and Poetry Sunday though so you all have something to come here and visit me for.

You might ask, “What have you been doing? How are you?” Well, let me tell you, I’ve been doing a lot of running around, getting Adam ready for his first day of school. Literally, his first day of school. He’s been home-schooled, and he wanted this, so as any good mom, we always give them what they want.

He’s gotten all of his shots, been to the dentist, been to the eye doctor (he now wears glasses) been to register for school and in between all that I’ve been mentoring at F2K Free Writing Course. And I’m on the ball, so my blog got a little left behind.

I did receive this in the mail Wednesday during all my busy-ness. I stop and check my mail and thought I’d share with you, my readers, my fans.

During the month of July, the International Blogging Recognition Council (IBRC) had the pleasure of reviewing your blog One Voice, A writers blog.  Your blog was referred to IBRC through our Refer-A-Blog program.  "Quotation Saturday" was the topic that the Council reviewed. Based on the review, the Council has recommended that your blog receive IBRC’s designation of “Recognized Blog”.  IBRC reserves this honor to those blogs that effectively connects with the audience and promotes the sharing of ideas and experiences.

Did I get a certificate of accomplishment? Did I get a Medal of Honor? A button to place on my wall to show my excellency? No, I got recognition of my hard work by someone other than Adam and Steven. I have a lot of my friends support, but sometimes this blogging business feels all in vain. “Who’s reading, Who’s commenting, What is the purpose of all this?”

I had been questioning where to go next. Get a job when Adam starts school or continue writing and pounding the streets of the Internet and submitting until my fingers bleed? Well I think this in some way helped me with my decision. God had said to “continue with the TALENT that I gifted you with.”

That’s easy for Him to say. We need money! And my writing is not paying any dividends. BUT here’s the clincher, do immediate rewards from a paying job satisfy the very soul that you live and breathe to nourish? No, it doesn’t. People will and always have said, “But it doesn’t pay the bills.”

And my response, “Are ye of little faith?” God has provided for me for well over thirty years now, am I supposed to do what ‘people’ say, now? I don’t think so. With God all things are possible and sorry to dampen your spirits ‘people’ but I TRUST God more than I trust you and your opinion.

Let go and Let God. I live God, I don’t just believe. :) godspeed to you all.


M. SUE said...

I know you are busy with your F2K mentoring as well as getting Adam ready for school.
I am selfish so I have continued to check One Voice-Write Right during your days of being superwoman! Do you have any idea why I click back so often? Because you "effectively connect with the audience" (that's me!)..."and promote the sharing of ideas and experiences" (in ways few do...I relate and actually "get it"!).
There are many ways and reasons for my thankfulness in having been led to One Voice-Right what you have to share, Joni. Thank you.
Smiles~M. Sue

joni said...

Aww THANK YOU Sue!!!

It is for you and my readers that I continue doing what I'm doing. And well God is leading me to WRITE! :)
I guess He gave me a talent and wants me to use it. :)

I'll be more regular as soon as I get my sanity back. lol (okay that may never return) but I'll be back before you know it. :)

Thanks again! *big hugs*


p.s. You're doing GREAT at F2k!!! :)