Monday, August 30, 2010

Master Plan

Job: 14:9 Yet through the scent of water it will bud, and bring forth boughs like a plant.
Have you ever prayed and the prayer not been answered immediately when you wanted it to be answered. Did you ever wonder why? Here lately things have been happening, all part of a Master Plan.

First of all, beau lost his job in Sept. of 2008, we prayed and prayed. Beau went blind about eight months later. More prayer. I could feel the tides moving, shifting, swaying. I could feel the power of prayer working and the good Lord swirling his answer to our prayer into our lives. No one else could feel it as I watched doubt sweep many. I sat, patiently waiting as I know a Master Plan takes time, sometimes years to get it all into the whirlpool to spew out results.

There were many changes that had to take place, inside and outside. There was construction of a new person, there was re-shaping of minds, there was miracles being displayed. But I’m telling you, if you’re not a believer, to you it all looked like a case of bad luck.

I don’t believe in luck or coincidence, so I prayed, rejoiced, praised and felt the earth moving in a direction that swayed my inner soul. I watched as impatience sweltered, looked sorrowfully as some strayed from their faith, sat in awe of the wondrous work of a living rainbow take shape. I never lost my faith once because I know the secret of the Master Plan. It’s no secret really if you know the Lord. Master Plans take TIME!

You see, when you pray, God already knows the answer to the prayer but he really wants to get the full throttle of effectiveness out of the prayer. He wants to not only answer your prayer, He wants to change as many people as He can along the way. He wants to lay a hand on everyone possible so they see the beauty of prayer and the wonderful Glory of, a Master Plan!

As beau, Adam and I had to move, figure out where to go and what to do, jumped over hurdles, figure out a few techniques and made the enormous leap of our lives, that is the leap into Gods arms, knowing He’d carry us, we’re now still reaping the benefits of the Master Plan!

I look down the gravel path and see many faces, lives altered by everything that we’ve gone through. All of our actions and reactions are all a part of the Master Plan. Is it just us three who are being transformed? No way. Many peoples lives are being touched. If you are reading this, you my friend are not exempt, you too are a part of the plan! Feel it, embrace it, know it is bigger than you and I!

It’s not about ME, me, me, or you, or my beau. We’re just instruments; a part of an orchestra that plays in Heaven and the music is divine to my ears and the Master’s. His plan, His time, His Glory!


Yvonne said...

I found my google password just to comment here. :) Needed to read this tonight...for so many reasons. are right.
Yvonne from f2k

P.S. My dh lost most of his sight, lost his job, but found, through a series of incredible events, a new career producing podcasts... through it all I never doubted God's plan for us.

joni said...

Thanks Y!

I'm glad this reached you, when you needed it. Isn't it just like God to have just the right person tune into this and be touched? Amazing!

Thank you so much for visiting and commenting.

Sometimes people are afraid to admit to any of this, thus they fear leaving a comment.

Peace be with you my friend!

June said...

One thing I learned years ago and try to remember is the listening part that should follow the praying part...


joni said...

Yeah June,

A lot of people skip over the listening part. They let go in one ear and out the other, hence missing a vital piece of the puzzle.

Me,I'm always listening. :)