Monday, August 16, 2010

First Day of School

Eph.1: 3 Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who hath blessed us with all spiritual blessings in heavenly places in Christ:
I rose this morning at 4:45. “Got to get Adam up and off to school.” I said out loud and to myself. It was still dark and the blanket of stars had not yet lifted from the sky. This is Adam’s first day ever at going to school. He’s been home schooled all his life and now,  ninth grade of all years, he wanted to go to school.

My heart aches but I know this is what he wants and where the journey for the young man that I, and I ALONE have raised. His father is absent, his kinda step-dad has supported us for seven years and now, things need to change...for the better.

Adam was so excited this morning, scared like any normal kid venturing off on uncharted territory, but to insure his comfort, he took his new bible with him and I bet he gets to read it some time today.

He has eight classes to get through, some hard and challenging, some right up his alley. Workshop, and Art is his forte. He’ll love English Lit! and learning Spanish, but it is the Math and Science I am concerned with.

Being a home schooled kid, did I give him enough knowledge to carry with him on this adventure. Am I going to be shown for a failure? All these things are running through my head but upfront and most sticking out is, my best friend is off somewhere without me. He’s been by my side since the day he was born and only twice in my memory has he been away from me for any more than a few hours.

Twice! Can you imagine? Was I selfish in wanting to protect him from this crazy world? Am I wrong in loving my child? Can one love their child too much? I think you can love them too much through strangling their freedom but you give them a chance to grow in so many other areas that other kids are never allowed to grow.

I am a good mother. I have done my job and now it is Adams turn to soar with all that I taught him. He will go with God, and he will grow with God. This is what I want for him.
I’ll have to write and tell you all what a great day he had today. My little novel writer has grown up to be his own person. Now I get to watch him bloom!


M. SUE said...

I woke early this morning and in thinking of the kids I knew who were starting school today, thought of Adam...and thought of you. I want your report, both of how he did...and how you did...when you are able to post it!
Thinking about both of you with Smiles~Sue

Ana said...

Parting from your son after 14 long years of home schooling is sad but yet it is also most enlightening for him and for you.As he learns and experiences a new life so will you This will be a long and daring journey for both of you and and also a wonderful travel along the winding roads of life.
Good luck to both with all my heart.:-)