Monday, August 09, 2010

Newspapers out ebooks in...

"Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths."
Proverbs 3:5-6

It’s kinda scary when you think about it, newspapers becoming obsolete? I remember back home in Baltimore there used to be a ‘News American” and ‘The Sun”, one went to the Poe graveyard and the other is still hanging by a thread.

What happened to make Newspapers so scarce. Oh the internet. By the time people read the newspaper, a new fact surfaces and the paper tries a retraction but too late, people already read the misinformation, and found the 'truth' on the internet.

What scares me as a writer is that there won’t be any print publications to submit to. Books can be published in ebook format, magazines can be read online, and newspapers are just shy of closing up the printing shop.

Have we become so obsessed with getting information and downloading and storing it on our computers that we don’t get the newspaper tossed on our front lawn anymore? Did we put all those young entrepreneurs out of business when this cyber world came into our reality?

I still love reading a book. I love holding it in my hand and flipping through the pages awaiting the next leaf that will carry me on an imaginary journey of someone’s created world. Fiction is an art, non-fiction is abstract art.

In a perfect world the internet would be obsolete. The printing of newspapers would come back in full force ready to reclaim their life on our shelves. In a perfect world, man would learn how to practice the human emotion of love, and never hate. In a perfect world, two would become one and never undone except through the hands of fate.

Fate, the all powerful flow of synchronicity riding a tidal wave of  energy, colliding, meshing, forming into something only two people can understand.

What is it that makes the world we live in imperfect? It isn’t the advent of the internet that’s for sure, it is man and man alone is to blame. All that we as humans can do is accept this causality, and hope for the best.

Where there is light, the darkness will reside also. Where there is love, a smidgen of hate lurks. Where there is man, there will always be a need of the woman to complete the cycle. Where there is print, there will be a wave coming across the internet like a tsunami waiting to wipe out the hard work of men before him.

I’m writing this knowing full well that this is being read on the internet, coming to you via a satellite spiraling somewhere in the heavens of space. Maybe one day, you’ll be holding in your hand a book written by me, flipping through the pages and smelling the newness of the print publication. One can only hope that the written word will be around for centuries to come.

A girl can dream can’t she?


June said...

I love reading a good book in print. I love reading a good book on my Kindle.

For me, the important thing is: I'm reading.

I really don't care if it's print or an ebook. Times change and so will the ways a writer interacts with the readers.

I just hope people keep reading...


joni said...

I think we're living in an age of, "I need info now!" Thanks to the internet.

Do the magazines feel slighted by this on hands info?
They should. I read a magazine and the story changes from the time it is published, to the time it hits news stands.

To me, nothing like holding a good book in your hands. :)