Sunday, August 22, 2010

Poetry Sunday ~ We Walk Alone

Job 41: 22 In his neck remaineth strength, and sorrow is turned into joy before him.
We Walk Alone

Where is my heart and why is it sore?
It left the moment he walked out the door...
I saw his hair brush passed the tree,
He walked alone without me.

I wanted to run and say don’t go                        
before I could, the bus was a show.
I watched as it rode off for the day
why can’t I just have it my way?

We shared our tears before he left
and now I’m alone my heart bereft.
My boy has grown into a young man.
he’s off to school with a master plan.

I enter his room, it’s lonely and bare.
Not one single sound is hiding there.
All that I hear is the tapping of keys,
with him not here doesn’t set me at ease.

Joy, sorrow, grief and pain
mingled in the release of rain.
Droplets fall as tears roll down.
my son is off in another town.

I’m letting go of all that I know
truth be told, it hurts to grow.
we both have the Lord as our guide,
No failure there with Him by our side.


Joey said...

Beautiful, Joni. It does hurt to turn them loose, doesn't it? But seeing them happy makes us happy in the end. Thanks for sharing such a lovely poem about something most mothers go through, the good ones, at least!

joni said...

Thanks Jo,
The week was bittersweet. You're happy, you're sad but in the end happy wins big time! :)

Becky said...

This is beautiful - you describe the emotions we go through as a mom so well when they leave.

We studied Job today in Sunday School so this also caught my 'eye'.

joni said...

Thanks Becky,
Letting go of our kids is probably the hardest things we'll ever do as moms.

I'm glad I captured the essence of pain at seeing him go and who will guide us through. :)

Job is troubled but it is full of rich nuggets. :)